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Another 2.7 SITREP is out!

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[...] To level the playing field (and hopefully instill more team-centric gameplay), we've created the Situational Awareness Indicator (or SAI), which replaces the compass at the top center of the HUD. Sitting at lower left of the player’s HUD, the SAI represents a top-down view of the area immediately surrounding the current player.


The SAI has 3 levels of zoom (and a full-screen toggle) to provide players with a quick, visual understanding of their surroundings, and also report on enemy movement (via the "Enemy Spotted" function to plot a marker for others to see). However, in order to see your team mates in the SAI, you must have Line of Sight (LOS). [...]


[...] We are pleased to present a new feature added to this SITREP -- Videos! We will be testing many different formats, from streaming MPEG to streaming Flash. They say a picture is worth a thousand words -- we hope that this new addition will do just that! [...]


Source & full story: http://www.americasarmy.com/community/

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