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New Campaign Short Bong

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New Campaign Short Bong

Short Bong


Short Bong is a much shorter version of the America's Ace of Aces campaign. It is made for all of you who cannot spend the time that the real Dick Bong spent flying on his successful missions. This campaign is the same as America's Ace of Aces except you start out near the action. In the realism options choose instant success if you don't have the time to fly back to base.


Some time when you have the time try and play the full version of America's Ace of Aces. It's a real challenge and has some surprises I couldn't add in this short version.


Just over the Wisconsin border from Illinois is the most stolen sign in America. It reads "Bong Recreation Area".


99% of the people you ask will have no idea who or what the area is named after. It's a shame that the greatest fighter pilot America has ever produced is all but forgotten and his name has become a joke.


This is just my attempt to educate a small number of you as to the life and times of Richard Ira Bong, America's Ace of Aces. His record 40 kills in the Pacific Theater will never be surpassed. This unlikely farm boy from Poplar Wisconsin became a super star and then faded into the history books. He deserves more than just his 15 minutes of fame.


I have recreated all of Bong's successful missions. I have tried to recreate as accurately as possible the circumstances faced by Dick Bong in his 2 year onslaught of the Japanese armed forces. I have had to use different maps because many of the areas that Bong fought in are not represented in the game yet. Areas such as Northern New Guinea, Rabal, Borneo, the Philippine Islands of Negros, Mindoro and Leyte have not been modeled yet. I have found very similar areas on other maps that fit the bill however. By using the southern part of New Guinea I was able to recreate the Lae area farther to the north; by using the Singapore map I could recreate similar conditions to the Philippine islands etc. I think you will get the feel of the historical area and conditions.


There are a few fun missions. One where you take off at night and try and get Washing Machine Charlie as Bong tried to do a few times... Another where you get into a dogfight in a SBD against a float plane... One where you have a mock dog fight with a P47 as Bong did while on leave... and the last one where you try and complete the only mission that Dick Bong could not.


I wish to apologize for the racial epithets used to describe the Japanese race. This was the language of the times and the quotes are verbatim. I'm sorry if they cause any discomfort. I do not mean to offend, just to be historically accurate with my quotes.


If Put the plane on autopilot and you will encounter all the bogies that Dick Bong shot down.


The skins mentioned are not included in this version. If you want to use them they are included in America's Ace of Aces campaign only and you can download them there.


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