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I'm working on my first effort at editing/building a campaign by editing the woecamp#.ini and woecamp#_data.ini files. I see that under the unit definitions in the woecamp.ini file there are two values which reference text files that I can't find. The values are named DescFile and StartText. They reference two text files that I cannot find, named woe#start.txt and woe#start1.txt. Any help in locating these files would be much appreciated.

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You need to download this:


This SFP1E extract utility (it works in all three games). I think those files are located in the MISSIONDATA.CAT in your flight folder. This handy dandy little tool lets you extract them from the .cat file. If its not in there, it may be in one of the other .cats in the flight folder or other folders.

Good Luck!

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