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  1. Looks amazing as usual... but what are skyraiders doing bombing Taiwan? :)
  2. Looks great... people milling around is a nice touch
  3. .dds is its own image format - no idea how the game handles it as I haven't upgraded to series 2 yet, but several programs like paint.net and photoshop (plugin: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html )should be able to handle it.
  4. does your out file list any of the textures?
  5. Try clicking the checkered box button on your materials
  6. Pureblue, if you still have the original light model, you could try adding a "light" onto it via self illuminated material applied onto an additional mesh. (I think this is the way to do it... but can't get it working with my own model :/) Should have an effect like DO's CVN-75 lights
  7. Delete/backup aircraftobject.ini in your objects folder. Versions for earlier game versions will do that to your controls.
  8. My condolences to his family and friends... RIP
  9. Looks great :) F-15SE looks like a slim raptor
  10. What should it look like? I noticed that you can assign a bitmap to the opacity parameter but it looks like its using a scale of black to white and would require an additional texture...? Isn't self-illumination just the "glow" of the texture? Ah just saw some of the objects have .inis - was under the impression that all their stuff was in the terrain_types.ini - all clear now :)
  11. I've got a lighthouse model with 2 .tgas, one for the railing (LHrailing.tga) and one for the rotating light (LHlight.tga) In max, the .tgas show up (although the alphas show up as black in the viewport and white in the renderer - is this normal?) but in game both .tgas are missing The .OUT file confirms that the references are being exported... but it's not showing... why? On another note, is there a way to have shadows show up on terrain objects?
  12. If you're a student (I think most colleges should have a contact), over at students.autodesk.com they've added 3ds Max 2010 (6 month license) to their lineup of free educational downloads (also available are a plethora of programs such as Inventor, Maya, AutoCAD, etc)
  13. I had in mind more that there would be hits and kills - your plane would actually go down. The main problem I see with no damage is that people and AI are still gonna be flying and fighting whereas IRL, they're vectored back to base once they're 'dead' (is this right?)

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