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This soundpack is meant to supersede my previous soundpacks (sfp1_spv1 & sfp1_spv2), and is specifically tailored for, and was tested on, Wings Over Vietnam with Service Pack 1, and Strike Fighters with Service Pack 3.


What's new in this version? Correct tracer colors for WoV, new tracer colors for Nato MG's, more intense flak effects, adjusted volumes (hoooray!), new sounds for: all stock MiGs, A-4s, NR-30 cannon.


Installation Notes: Before you begin, I strongly suggest that you have Skypat's SFP1E extraction utility (available at http://www.checksix-fr.com/ ), and familiarize yourself with its operation. You're going to find it indispensable!


TO INSTALL: simply extract the contents of this zip file into your Strike Fighters or WoV folder. That's all!


Warning: It will overwrite the following files (if you have them). Please back up the following, by dragging them to a safe place on your system:


1) Your entire "sounds" folder.

2) In your flight folder, backup your "soundlist.ini"

3) In your objects folder, backup your "gundata.ini"


If you don't find the last two, don't worry, you're just running a default installation


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