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  1. ID this plane!

  2. now seeing a no. of topics - Cockpit Fixes for SF2 etc. :)
  3. typo fixed but still "No topics were found. This is either because there are no topics in this forum, or the topics are older than the current age cut-off."
  4. I've still got a fully functioning 1 as well.
  5. can't see it but possibly typo"Figthers"?
  6. saitek SST is f***ed

    is this the new SST that they just uploaded on the 12th of June or previous?
  7. we even have a hardware forum here at CA. it's not the busiest but it is there :yes:
  8. Thanks to Combat Ace

    a pint of "Nukey broon" will do nicely! btw can you still get Newcastle Amber?
  9. Thanks to Combat Ace

    welcome to the asylum. :yes: I take it that you have been informed that all new residents have to buy a round for the old hands?
  10. The best SEAD for today

    The RAF have a handful of converted Tornado F.3s which supposedly outperform the ECR. EF-18 Growler would have to be up there.
  11. Anyone have this Hard Drive?

    if it's the single platter 320GB then it's a fast drive.
  12. Private jumpjet

    Tell that to RAF Lossiemouth which had large chunks of it's main runway destroyed by 2 Harriers ... the Harrier jet blast is extremely hot & will affect tarmac if directed down.
  13. It took the NC-4 19 days with multiple stops. 1 month later Alcock & Brown flew a converted Vickers Vimy over non-stop in under 17 hours.
  14. Changing of the Guard

    if by some kind chance you include me in that I've just had a lot of stuff keeping me busy in the real world over the last few months. hopefully will get back to normal over the Winter - you can't get rid of me that easily! .
  15. First Eagles?


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