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File Name: A-4F

File Submitter: BUFF

File Submitted: 19 Dec 2004

File Category: SF Add-On Aircraft


US Navy and Marine Corps A-4F Skyhawk


This is a FREE downloadable add-on for Strike Fighters: Project 1 (requires Service Pack 3 or later).


This add-on contains all the components necessary to play the "F" model Skyhawk used by the US Navy and US Marine Corps. It includes new external 3d model, 3d virtual cockpit model, hangar screen, a new loading screen, and two single mission files.


A-4F is the last Skyhawk version built for the US Navy. It was ordered in 1965 to replace the losses suffered by the Navy and Marine attack squadrons operating in Vietnam. The A-4F is powered by more powerful and economical J52-P8A engine rated at 9,300 pounds of thrust, and it incorporates further improvements such as wing lift spoilers to reduce the landing distance and more comprehensive avionics fit. The distinctive dorsal "hump" is added to the top of fuselage to provide additional space for the electronic gears required to survive in Vietnam.


A-4Fs saw extensive service by the US Navy and Marine Corps in Vietnam, operating from both carriers and land bases. Modified version of A-4Fs were also used by the 'Blue Angles' Navy demonstration team for 13 years, from 1974 to 1987.


Click here to download this file

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