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Soviet & Cuban Add on for Operation Tainted Cigar

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Soviet & Cuban Add on for Operation Tainted Cigar

This campaign allows you to fly for the Soviet and Cuban Air Forces in the Operation Tainted Cigar campaign. You must have the Operation Tainted Cigar all inlcusive campaign mod (available at www.combatace.com ) to use this add on.



First a special thanks to:

David USAFMTL, Killer Bee,Gunny,Polak,Fubar,wpnssgt,deuces,saganauy82,column5,pasko,gecko,kout,majlee,JSF aggie,Paul Nortness,mytai,phantuam,vince-16,armourdave,capun, and all who helped create the wonderful OTC Mod!


This Soviet & Cuban add on will leave the original installation undisturbed . It will include :


New Soviet Campaign for the MIG-21F

New Cuban Campaign for the MIg-17F

Soviet Anthems (if you choose the appropriate campaign)

Cuban Anthems (if you choose the appropriate campaign)

New hangar sounds of Pilots talking

MIG 17F cockpit repaint with Russian lettering.

The latest version of mago, Fubar512 and Badger's cockpit as place holder for the MIg-21F (with disabled radar)

New add on Cuban and Soviet Pilot Photos


To install the mod simply place the folders in your corresponding Strike Fighters directory and say yes to overwrite the files.



This campaign was tested using NORMAL settings for campaign difficulty.




MK2: Soviet and Cuban campaign mod ,Pilot Photos, Anthems, MiG 17F cockpit repaint.


Wrench: Hangar screens


Mago, Fubar512 and Badger 343rd Fighter Regiment :Mig-21 Cockpit


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