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  1. Well I can’t get anyone to respond at thirdwire . I have proof of purchase if anyone wants to share the download . I’m out of ideas :)
  2. Thanks I did try it but have not heard back.
  3. Hello everyone it’s been a while :) purchased the all in one download for $99 from Thirdwire’s site and never got the link and never got any answers from third wire when i contacted them several times weeks ago . Is Tk still around ? Any ideas ?
  4. I'm back :) perfect mod to install and try out first , it's been a while .
  5. Thank You MK2

    My deepest apologies for missing this thread the first time posted. It was brought to my attention today by my son who is messing around with Thirdwire flight sims. The incredible thing is that based on events that just happened, this is the thing I most needed to see today more than anything you guys could ever imagine. i am touched and humbled and though my reply is 6 years late, I truly , really, deeply...appreciate it.

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