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Contest #2 Winners

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Well...I would like to thank those that participated in our Allied Forces Christmas Contest! I hope you came to know Jason over at GoGamer.com as well as their whole site and products available. I would like to thank our sponsors for whom without, we would not be able to bring you such gracious prizes.


post-22-1159819921.jpg post-22-1158888743.gif





I'm pleased to announce the winners of the Allied Force Christmas Contest are as follows:


3rd Prize Winner: Alanthegrate

Natural Point TrackIR Hat

Just Flight C-130 Add-On and Just Flight F-117 Add-On on PC-CD

Falcon 4: Allied Force



2nd Prize Winner: Kestrel2004

Natural Point TrackIR Shirt

CH ProThrottle

Falcon 4: Allied Force



1st Prize Winner: ODB_Warlord

TrackIR 4 Pro

Saitek Rudder Pedals

Falcon 4: Allied Force



Congratulations Guys~

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WooHoo! :clapping:

Looks like I finally made Santa's "Good" list after all these years....was beginning to think he was a fairy tale.

Congratulations to the other winner's and a very special thanks to CombatAce, GoGamer.com and all of the contest sponsors.


Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas,



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I just found out I was a winner a few minutes ago.


Thanks, Fates.


And thanks to CH, Lead Pursuit and Track IR. CH - I didn't have a separate throttle. With all the configurable buttons, I'll be able to try a true HOTAS setup for the first time ever.


Jason, I appreciate what GoGamer is doing to support sims. I have made most of my 2006 software purchases from your site. You guys are doing great work.


Again - Thanks to everyone involved with this contest.

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