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  1. Your First Sim

    All good sims, some I forgot ages ago. From the 80's, 90's, 00's, to today, The evolution of the flight sim, and Combat Flight Sim has changed drastically on not just the graphics end but in their complexity of realism as well. I've been out of flight sims so awhile due to work and just not having enough machine to really run a modern day DCS. I've recently solved that "machine" side of things and slowly piecing things back together to get back in the game.
  2. Your First Sim

    I feel I've been around since the down of Personal Computers. It was with luck that our High School started a Computers Class my Sophomore year and I soaked it all up. Started on old CP/M machines learning CP/M, Assembly Language and other programs my first year. I remember 8" Floppy Drives. We were so bored by our Senior Year that when the instructor said he didn't have anything more for us to learn (Software wise), we started repairing all the failed PC's, Printers, and other hardware from around the whole school district. We wrote the Attendance Program the schools was using and had our own BBS. Yes, sorta dating myself. But for graduation I built my own computer. Took it off to College in 1987, and remember hooking it up to a 46" Sony TV playing Jet 2.0. Loved it.
  3. PfalzBI

  4. Windows 10

    OK.... Let's here about it. Do you plan to upgrade? The official release is 7/29 and Microsoft is planning to upgrade 4 Billion Systems..... 4 Billion. Wow. I'm excited about the Xbox/PC interface and being able to play against consul users. Let's here your thoughts, opinions, disgusts, etc...... I haven't upgraded yet, and likely won't until it's been out for a few months.
  5. Let's see your cars!

    Here's my daily driver in the Summer: And my New Project. 1968 Dodge Travco Camper
  6. Sky Combat Ace

    Have you ever wanted to experience being a fighter pilot and experiencing the thrill of aerial combat, other than sitting at your desk playing a sim, then get out to Sky Combat Ace, based out of Henderson Airport, Las Vegas (KHND), just a short hop from the Vegas strip. I had the recent opportunity to sit front seat with one of the country’s best Combat Flying Experiences, Sky Combat Ace. They will be happy to pick you up and bring you back from your hotel. On the ride over to KHND, I reached over and turned up the TOOL song playing on the radio. We both loved the metal bands, and I had just met Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden at the NBAA Convention, so the conversation was great. Once we arrived, I was greeted by everyone and they were more then happy to answer any of my questions, but more importantly, they took the time to learn more about me, my past experiences, and you simply felt at home with everyone there. Sky Combat Ace offers many different packages, between the Extra 330, and the Waco. The full list of experiences can be found here: Packages. There are 4 packages in the Extra 330 that will take you from a basic Air Show experience of Loops, Aileron Rolls, and non-stop Spins, to a longer ride that will include many of the same aerobatics thrills, this time with you controlling the stick! The Sky Combat Experience is just the start for those seeking a Combat Thrill of Dog-Fighting in the sky. You will take the class room as the Combat Instructors will teach you the basic maneuvers you will be performing in the air. You will be dog-fighting against friends, family, or enjoying the chance to yell "Jetser's Dead!", as you take on another Combat Flight Instructor in air-to-air combat. If this thrill isn't enough, then take on the Adernaline Rush which will take on all the aerobatics capabilities of the aircraft and propel you into the rush of a life-time. After the dog-fighting is over you will execute loops, rolls, cuban 8's, hammerheads, tail slides, spins, and Lomcevak (tumble)....and then it's all capped off with a low level surface attack against an SA-5 Simulated ground target! On this adventure, most would choose the quick, sleek, highly maneuverable Extra 330. These aircraft are nimble and offer an incredible sense of speed as you fly low. They also offer a great full canopy view of your environment. What every fighter pilot wants is visibility, and this aircraft offers all of that and more. But for me, I was looking for something completely different. I wanted to step back in time when our fighting aces had open cockpits and multiple wings. Sky Combat Ace offered just such an opportunity to step into a Waco YMF. The Waco F-Series, best known by sporting pilots of the 1930’s to 1940’s did have some military use. A few Waco Cabin Aircraft originally sold as civilian, were put into military service in World War II and designated the Waco C-72. These were typically light transport aircraft. Although many of you may recognize the Waco F-Series, you may also recognize the Waco Glider, CG-4, used by the US Army Air Force, US Navy, Royal Air Force during the WWII Invasion of Sicily, Normandy, and Operation Market Garden. I sat down with my pilot, Whip, and we discussed a few items prior to flight. I wasn’t in for any aerobatics, even though this aircraft is fully capable of just about anything. There was a quick pre-fight of the aircraft and I strapped in the front seat for the ride. I took myself back to those early years of Combat Aviation, WWI, and the dawn of Air Superiority. I’ve been in Corporate Aviation for a long time, and have had the privilege of working and flying on just about anything out there. However, sitting in an open cockpit bi-plane was a something that I had never done, and this ride was going to be one that took me back in time and experience the early years of Combat Aviation. We strapped in, checked our headsets and fired up the 300Hp Jacobs R-755. The sound of the Radial engine is unmatched in aviation, but feeling the cylinders fire was even a better experience. We had a short taxi out to 35L and held short to warm up the engine. Once the oil temp was up, we were cleared for departure. Hearing the engine come up to power was great. Although this is no modern jet fighter, and didn’t set you back in your seat when you released the brakes, it was still incredible to feel the power of the aircraft as you departed the earth’s surface. It was only to be a nice, slow ride out to the Hoover Dam. Whip allowed me to take the controls, and it was then that I released that this beast was very agile, and just wanted to climb and climb. Two wings are much better than one with regards to producing lift. I was constantly on the stick with forward pressure, even after trimming it out quite a bit. No electric trim here, just your basic stick and rudder piloting. Trying to keep the aircraft level at altitude was somewhat tiring on the wrist, I can only imagine the golden days of pilots spending lengthy missions in similar aircraft and how exhausted they might feel after a few hours in the air. A short ride later we were over the Hoover Dam doing several steep S- Turns. I pictured myself in a Sopwith and Fokkers on an early 1900’s reconnaissance mission somewhere in Europe. Things were much slower back then compared to the speed of aerial combat today. After several steep turns, we pointed the nose back to base and began to head home. You could definitely feel the aircraft react to the local thermals produced by the small mountainous areas. The aircraft was more than capable of loops, aileron and barrel rolls, so if your ready to for a full on combat experience, these guys can surely deliver. http://youtu.be/AVyE_KSiVuM We turned to final for 35R, and enjoyed smooth landing and rollout. As we taxied back to the hangar, I couldn’t help but long for going back in time and learning more about those that defined aerial combat. Sky Combat Ace was a great experience and I would highly recommend to anyone traveling to the Las Vegas area. I will be returning in a couple years for my next NBAA convention out that way, and I definitely be looking them up for another ride. It may be in the Extra 330 as we experience more modern aerial combat techniques. Either way put these guys on your bucket list and enjoy everything they have to offer. Please visit their website and check out the many options from scenic tours to full throttle combat experiences, you will enjoy every moment. Notes and References: http://www.skycombatace.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WACO_Classic_Aircraft
  7. Sky Combat Ace

    Sky Combat Ace is an excellent company in Las Vegas that will give you your chance to experience what only a few have. It will be an experience of a lifetime. Book your reservation today!
  8. Vacation Shots

    Had an incredible time on vacation a weekend ago, and thought I'd share a couple pics. I was in a rustic cabin about 15 miles from anywhere. IF anyone ever gets a chance to stay Wilderness State Park, Station Point, you will enjoy the solitude and long to come back every year. I plan to be back very soon....plus, for $60 a night, it's gotta be the 8th wonder of the world. Getaway Cabin,Very Rustic, but worth every minute of the Solitude it offered.
  9. File Name: Arma_InternationalUpdate105.zip File Submitter: Fates File Submitted: 03 March 2007 File Category: Patches Armed Assault International Patch 1.05 Click here to download this file
  10. File Name: Arma_Euro104Update105.zip File Submitter: Fates File Submitted: 02 March 2007 File Category: Patches Armed Assault European Update 1.05 Patch Click here to download this file
  11. Yankee Warrior

    Had this stop buy yesterday and give rides. Unfortunately, I did not win, but I got some great shots.
  12. Doomsday Preppers called

    99,999 Bottles of Beer on the wall......99,999 Bottles of Beer!
  13. Caption Competition

    So Scared....I just shit a Rope!

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