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Golly I think I've got into this posting thing. This is my sixth posting since the introduction of the new rules. At first I thought I couldn't find one message to post!


O.K.,O.K. so two of the original posts weren't really very useful.


I had a thought (don't forget I'm trying to re-register as 'brainless') but on the Column 5 site they have a donation thingy on the home page were anyone can make a contribution for hosting the bandwidth. Would this be a good idea for combateACE? At least people like me who just don't have a good enough grasp of computers to contribute any files could contribute this way. I don't know if it costs to keep this site up and running but even if this isn't the case maybe some charitable organisation could be found for the cash and yes I have made a small donation on the Column5 site.


On another point about posting five messages to download. I read that for members who can't think what to say to make five postings a 'thank you' to indivdual members who provide their work for free wouldn't go a miss. I second that wholeheartdely.


In this respect here's my THANK YOU contribution which is an extract from a mail I sent to John Shelton when I purchsed the YAP addon. Anyone who hasn't had a look at this wonderful addition ought to take a look. The graphics work is incredible and completely transforms the sim.


QUOTE- (extract from a mail to John shelton YAP)


Those guys at Combate Ace and the other linked sites who produce the

scenery, replacement, new and upgraded aircraft are true geniuses and I

cannot adequately express my admiration for their gifts so generously

donated freely for the community. I am no developer and have little idea how

they do their stuff but some of their work is truly magical. The overriding

thing that always springs to my mind when I see the work of these people is

how long it must take them to produce the files and that they do it all for

free. My hat is raised to all of them.

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