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  1. F-14A Cockpit Upgrade

  2. Place your Christmas greetings here!

    A very Merry Xmas and prosperous New Year to all. It's been a long hard year for me. Too much work and no time to play. I'm still trying to catch up with what's new in the sim world but I'm so far behind I wonder if I'm ever going to catch up!! Pleased to see C.A. is alive and kicking with all the new stuff. All the Best and happy flying.
  3. A quick hello

    Just a quick post to say I'm still breathing..just I'm still bogged down with RL stuff which never seems to ease. I've only just got my Vista machine up and running which I had in February this year!! Works O.K generally with some very annoying 'do you want to continue' & 'We want your permission to do xyz' messages. Perhaps this will all be eradicated in Windows 7 which I'm looking to install when it finally comes out (don't want the beta version just now) later this year I believe. Not done much flying lately & I guess I'm out of touch with what's new etc. but hope to catch up soon. All the best
  4. Thanks Combatace

    Hi guys I know I've been away for a long while and I can't say life's any easier. I took on a major job commitment early last year which was only supposed to last a few months but things haven't gone to plan (well they don't usually do they) and I'm still there virtually 24/7. The good news is that with the extra dough I invested in two new systems (extravagant to say the least!) a dual core XP and a quad core Vista. I ordered them in Feb this year but have only just got round to starting up the XP one. The Vista machine has been under the table for 6 weeks and I haven't had time to commission it yet!! Why I ordered two machines is a long story and I haven't got time to go into that now but I'm still loading all the old stuff from my ancient ATI machine on to the new XP Intel one (it is faster of course but not without the usual starting hicups) and that hasn't gone easily even though I took a complete system copy of everything on the old faithfull to transfer on to the new XP system. I copied everything on to a moblie drive supposedly to transfer on to any computer but just as I finished copying the last file an error message came up saying that some of the files were corrupted and wouldn't work on another machine! Don't you just love these computer things! Anyway to cut a long story short I loaded WOV patched up and added YAP2 on the new system and then the weapons wouldn't show up in the sim. I did all the usual things as advised in the DATABASE but still no joy. Then I down loaded and installed Buff's weaponseditor and lo and behold up comes the weapons. What would we do without good old CA!! Got to go now but you're still in my thoughts and thank heaven you're still here for us all. It will take weeks of the available time I have to spare to load up all my old favourite sims on the new system and test them so I guess I won't be around much in the next month or so but if things get easier who knows I may even get some play time in come summer!! All the best Brainless
  5. Merry Xmas you bastards!

    Hi guys Well it's been a very difficult year for me and I just haven't had the time to visit here for one reason and another but I haven't forgotten all you (bastards) nice people. Hope to have more time to spare in the coming months and with luck and a prevailing tailwind I might get some time to think about simming at C.A again. It's nice to see you're all alive and kicking and I don't suppose you've missed me. Happy xmas,holidays etc. to everyone and all the very best for the New Year.
  6. Just want to say...

    Well I haven't been about here much lately. So much RL stuff. It's all got ridiculous. Hardly switched this damned thing on never mind looking at any sites and you all. But I see what's going on and as always you have my support,vote, thanks and best wishes and last but not least my bucks! Hope to log in again soon. Best to every one.
  7. Thank You MK2

    Well here's a big THANK YOU from the brainless one! THANKS & THANKS again.
  8. More Museum Stuff

    Nice pics Dave even with exposures not as you might have liked !
  9. Ooah..shucks and I always thought I'd won something.
  10. I downloaded this absolutely superb machine yesterday. I just can't believe this is a first effort. It looks like you've been doing it for years! I've got both the Alphasim version in MSFS and this one and there's almost nothing to choose between them execpt that you can shoot something down with your one. I've got just one problem with your aircraft though guys it's just so beautiful I've been afraid to take it into combat for fear of damaging it!
  11. Can't wait for the next set. Absolutely beautiful all round. The history, the missions, the objects are the best and hats off to all the dedicated, talented guys who spent so much time making this history come to life for us. Looking forward to YAP2 so keep it up fellas!

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