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Hommage to the artists... quick look

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Hello all,

I liked the idea of posting some screen shots, thanks for getting it started Tex, so I put together a smallish group to thank TK and all the 3rd party folks by showing them the sheer white knuckled thrills they have provided. Christmas came earlier in November for this lad... but Santa showed up right on time with the Camel and Tripehound. :biggrin:


Some I posted before, but are now in buried threads. or elsewhere. They're just favourites of mine. No particular order; chronological in fact. So the stock planes and Gotha were out... and then alot of skins, etc. Sorry if I didn't get your particular skin in or... but I'm sure the terrain people see their textures, and the effects people see their effects, and so on. ALL PLANES ARE FLOWN STOCK, only the images slightly altered for contrast and sharpness in Photoshop, NO colour correction. That's all, the images are all my doing.


Your names may not be know to me, but your creations are now in my memories, and filling up my harddrive space: keep the damn poly's down will you!!! :blink:





Edited by B Bandy RFC

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and two of my favourites, tho the last results in, yet again, another demise for my hero Bandy of the RFC... Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did flying them :rolleyes:





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Burning eagels... :biggrin:


Nice quality adjustments! Keep on...!


Try this: (Photoshop)


1. Duplicate Layer

2. Add GaussanBlur 3.6 to dublicated layer

3. Change blending mode by duplic. Layer to overlay, Soft Light or lighten :rolleyes:

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