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  1. Snowbirds fly missing man for Blue Angel 6

    Something's in the air. This morning a Russian Knights pilot died in a crash. https://www.rt.com/news/345945-fighter-jet-crash-moscow/
  2. Strike Fighters 2

    В той папке в сохранённых играх лежит файл Options.ini. В нем на дне есть [Mods] ModsEnabled=TRUE Directory= В Directory можно указать любую папку. Если установлены несколько игр из SF2, у них у каждой есть по своему .exe, которые читают только свои папки в сохранённых играх и свои настройки. Надо выбрать один из них и его опции править.
  3. Помогите.

    Летная модель в настройках стоит на Normal или Hard? Большую часть модов делают под Normal, на ней же летает автопилот и компьютер. На харде могут начинаться глюки.
  4. F-35A for DCS World

    Will it blow up if there's a lightning storm near your house?
  5. Jug Has Passed Away

  6. You won't believe what bullet I dodged.

    The classic Staforce installed its drivers on the level no software should be even allowed to touch in Windows. They made the OS provide additional data about the disk structure by making the system think it was a hard drive. Guess what, read errors common for optical media make Windows go crazy if they come from what it thinks is an HDD. It starts reducing the read speed and eventually shuts off DMA completely, switching your drive into PIO mode i.e. all data coming from the disk has to go through your CPU. It was a magical experience.
  7. IIRC, Easy/Normal/Hard AI changes the ratio of bad, average and veteran pilots among the Blues and the Reds. You don't want Hard because in addition to making the enemies more competent it makes your wingmen idiots and once you run out of pilots the campaign is over.
  8. Damaged Russian Submarine cornered by Swedish Navy?

    The emergency broadcast was probably "We've got the sausages and the smoked ham, but you'll need to pick it all up before we return for the dairy products. Bloody import bans."
  9. Windows 10

    A quick search shows one and tells me that after the project was cancelled the missiles were given to various university museums.
  10. Windows 10

    Microsoft officially forgot how to count.
  11. While the media panics over guys having fun, as a part of the Treaty on Open Skies a Russian Tu-154M Lk-1 will fly recon from Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. The flights will take place from the 21st to the 29th of September with a range of up to 4900 km. Keep your mincers peeled if you're in the area.
  12. The proper AGM-78 procedure in SF2 is to use the Shrike because the enemy radars never switch off, so the inertial guidance is worthless. In fact, if the radar you targeted gets destroyed a Shrike might home in on a different one next to it, while an ARM won't do it.
  13. Another 777 lost

    For all the talk of looting, they filled two freezer trains with corpses and fragments fairly quickly, while the political bitching for the dibs on "recovery operations" went on. It's not too cold outdoors there in the summer, the job must stink in more ways than one. Now the fresh Russian story is that Ukraine had a SAM exercise in the area, the Frogfoots were there to pose as contacts to track, no one was supposed to mix them up with an airliner blip, and no one was supposed to fire any missiles. If true, the Ukrainian SAM operators are more deadly in training than in battle.
  14. Another 777 lost

    That was a quick edit. Classy. Next they'll reveal it has a phased array radar and get Eagle Dynamics to make a new module.

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