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Albatros Package (DVa speed fix plus DI,DII, DIII flight models) including skins

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Albatros Package (DVa speed fix plus DI,DII, DIII flight models) including skins

Ok this is a package that makes DI, DII and DIII versions based on the DVa 3d model, for FE patch 1. This is just a place holder until real DI-III models come out.


Including in this package is:

*4 great skins by JFM.

*3 new flight models.

*1 (DVa) flight model fixed, post patch the DVa was way to slow.



*Too be able to fly the Albatroses you need the cockpit. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...p;showfile=3701


Install guide:


1. Make a backup copy of <install folder>ObjectsAircraftAlbatrosD5a

2. unrar Albatros.rar into <install folder>ObjectsAircraft make sure to preserve folder structure

* three new directories get created, AlbatrosD1, AlbatrosD2, AlbatrosD3

3. download and install the Albatros cockpit http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...p;showfile=3701

4. Also make sure to install the albatros cockpit into AlbatrosD1, AlbatrosD2, AlbatrosD3 (you just need to copy the cockpit folder as there are separate _cockpit.ini files for each plane and they are included in the package.

5. Add skins to AlbatrosD1, AlbatrosD2, AlbatrosD3. In the <install folder>ObjectsAircraftAlbatrosD5a you will see that there are a few subfolders. All subfolders except the "cockpit" one are skins. Copy one or more of them into the AlbatrosD1, AlbatrosD2, AlbatrosD3 directories.


Thanks to JFM for skins and stats research.



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