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  1. Caproni Ca.3

  2. VERY NICE!!!! If you ever get the Zep working what about making a little "fictional" zep that has docking capabilities... still dreaming of a "crimson skyish" mod... ;) Tex
  3. Great pictures

  4. Whats worst?

    no worries.. Ill post mine when its done..
  5. Whats worst?

    Yes and no. I didnt get a template. I will make a template. Untill then when just trying stuff out to see how I will make the generic skins Im using a lame quick and dirty template. The lame quick and dirty is from making the black Jasta7 white. This works a little bit but not as well as having a template with good planelines in separate layers. I will post a template when I have it done. If you want to make one and beat me to it then Id love to use yours.. ;) Tex
  6. Whats worst?

    Well its simple I just use the FilenameFormat and it chooses which of the two insignias to use. That wasnt the question. Question was should I do it like the screens below, (note work in process, placement of decals is not right yet) The second one does look wrong because we are all so used to seeing the first combination. On the other hand at least I have not seen any late Jasta21 paint jobs at all so I dont know if they even had Pfalzes past the cross change date. But if they had then they could have just changed the crosses on their planes and not necessarily the entire paint job. Tex
  7. Whats worst?

    Ok so Im making some generic PflazD3 skins for different Jastas... Ive got a choise and that is to use decals for crosses or to paint them. If I use decals then the cross will be true to its time but not necessarily to the paint job. If I paint them then the skin wount necessarily be true to its time. If I have the black Jasta 7 skin (which should have a iron cross) then its wrong in a 1917 campaing. On the other hand a Jasta 21 skin with a Maltese cross is wrong in 1918. Im tempted to go for the decals and have the crosses true to their time. Generic skins arnt ever gonna be right anyways. Whats your take on it? Tex
  8. Great polish Alb... would we cool if we could get FE to move over to the east and down south to the alps...
  9. Hey there. In my effort to enchase the stock campaings Ive come to the conclusion that I need more generic skins for the addon planes. Im wondering if anyone has templates or if they are posted somewhere. First plane that Im adding is the Pfalz D3 since peter01 has finished the upgrade of the FM. Tex
  10. Moving forward ....

    PfalzD3 flies great.
  11. Moving forward ....

    Do the weapons of the Pfalz work? the bombs and rockets... heared there was something with the weapons builder that needed an update... has that happened?
  12. Moving forward ....

    Nice will be adding the PfalzDIII to the stock campaings when I get back home..

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