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Hello All. I was just checking out Janes.com and came accross the aero India article. I haven't seen these planes before. I haven't noticed them on the WIP list either. The Gripen, F-16 and F-18 super hornet are done or coming, but the MiG-35... Would be a nice addition to counter the newer NATO/American planes.


Hopefully I am not breaking some copywrite law posting these!



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If I remember correctly the Mig-35 is also known as the Mig-29 OVT (formely) in which that is already released here. Just check the Mig section of Add-on Aircraft, Modern Aircraft.


However it would be nice to have it reskined (the inside of the engines are not supposed to be a blank white right?) and isn't it supposed to have thrust vector nozzles? because it surely does not perform that for me in game.

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The Russians had initially offered the single seat MiG-29M and/or twin seat MiG-29M2 as their contender for the IAF MRCA race. Soon after they tested the MiG-29OVT with Thrust vectorc nozzles. They then offered the MiG-29M and M2 as the MiG-35 for the IAF MRCA race.Both single seat as well as twin seat MiG-35s are in India along side F/A-18F, F-16 and Gripen.

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