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Commentary from TK.

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Guest IndioBlack


Certainly sums it up AFAIC. All the complaining gets rather tedious, IMHO.


Yes it certainly sums it up completely.


What I draw from the discussion, is that TK really isn't going to do anything much about the AI. Interestingly he seems to suggest that the AI in his Jet Games, like WOV and WOE is really good, and that it's difficult to get the FE AI to work as well as those Games, because the speeds are different.


Personally I'd like to see the AI in WOV and WOE improved so that aircraft react when you attack them, rather than flying straight and level as though nothing has happened. There was some talk of the AI not being any good in all of the current crop of Flight Games, and yet good AI is in abundance in the IL-2 series, where even when you tone down the difficulty there is still some risk of you being shot down by an aggressive AI pilot. If Third Wire games could approach that level of AI, I think a lot of people would be satisfied.


However, the main points seem to be that some people think the AI is poor, and they'd like to see it improved; some people think it's just fine the way it is and should be left alone; but the bottom line is that TK is practically a one-man operation, and hasn't got the time to spend on improving the AI.


The one area that I think WOV and WOE work particularly well is in Ground Attack, where the danger from SAMS and AAA is pretty high. I prefer playing the games that way, because they do present a challenge.

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