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  1. "Clear Sky" question for FEG

    I have that problem too Quack. I'm using Panama Red's sky mod. Somtimes the game just loads the default blue horizon band. Why? I have no clue.
  2. Updated Gotha's

    Nice skins! Too bad we don't have decent looking gunners for the Gotha.
  3. All you need is the latest patch. It contains all previous updates.
  4. I'm 54 years old. My Grandfather was a WWI vet...not in the air service though. Probably the best all around aircraft was the Fokker DVII. Allied pilots liked the SPAD XIII because it was sturdy and fast therefore it was relatively easy disengage from a fight when the odds were against you.
  5. Bombers takeoff from airfields

    Looks like Sinbad has a good start. I think, if the mod works for FE, all you need to do is make new "overlays" for various types of sights. Of course I'm sure its a bit more complicated than it sounds. This type of modding is beyond my limited skills.
  6. Bombers takeoff from airfields

    Ol Paint, Downloads>Strike Fighters/WOV,WOE,WOI etc.>Strike Fighters 1 Series....>SF/WO^Weapons Mods/skins>Single ordinance files> Page 11.
  7. Bombers takeoff from airfields

    The bombsight mods are on page 11 of the single ordinance mods. They work good for the WWII bombers...or they did at the time.
  8. Usually when you don't get responses its because no one can answer your question. Look at it this way. At least you don't get any BS.
  9. [FE1] Game freeze at 60%

    Sorry, I should have said "High" for Ground Objects instead of Normal. There is a difference in the number of objects displayed between Normal and High. Let us know what you come up with.
  10. [FE1] Game freeze at 60%

    Welcome to the forum, spOnky! Hope you get your setting sorted out as different values can affect frame rates. I suggest you get the "stock" version without addons set up and running to your satisfaction first then add mods one at a time testing as you go...especially those involving graphic enhancements. One thing to consider about Ground Object settings is that the lower setting affect how many objects are displayed. Most of those objects are small objects that add detail to airfields and such. My recommendation would be to set Ground Object to as high a setting as your system can handle. Its going to be a "trial and error" process for you and your system as different settings for the rest of the graphics details will have varied impact. Of course it also depends on what type of simmer you are. If you don't spend much time looking around at the ground then G.O.s are not that important but I would "aim" for at least a Normal setting for G.O.s JMHO. TS
  11. Bombers takeoff from airfields

    Great idea, Quack!
  12. Thought for balloons

    I think that parameter is just for limits and the altitude is random between those limits.
  13. Well, without an .ini file to go by you have no idea of the format or terminology needed to create a new modified one. The only way to get an original is to extract one. If you are using already modded files then of course you don't need to extract the originals but somewhere down the line someone did.
  14. Without the ability to unpack the .CAT files you wouldn't be able to mod the sim.
  15. Attempt at Crash Smoke

    Ahhhh...OK. Occasionally you will see the original crash smoke "bending" in a certain direction. I just assumed the "wind" was doing it.

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