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WallyWorld version SFP1

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I bought this way back when and was curious how I could get the gold version or a patch to fix it I have looked a little but not alot and was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question?



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You can get the Wally Beta patch here:




However, you can contact Strategy First and they will send you a GOLD edition of this game. Word is that most purchasers are receiving it within a few days. You want to make sure you do this because Gamespy and Hyperlobby will soon be updating to only support the Gold version and eventually the Patched Gold Version.


Sounds like a lot of patches, but its hard to find all the problems with just a handfull of beta testers and such. By getting the game out, you put it in the best position to find the most amount of tweaks needed in the shortest amount of time. Thus hopefully only releasing one LAST patch.



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Yea I had to search through Sim HQ to find this post and it was locked for what reason I dont know, but if anyone here doesnt know about there heres what I cut and pasted from this forum topic.


Gonna send mine out today :)


If you can't fax, you can email a scan of your CD or a scan of the CD key to market@strategyfirst.com. Another option would be to mail it in to us:


Strategy First Inc.

Attention Marketing Dept.

147 St -Paul St. West

suite 300

Montreal, Quebec

H2Y 1Z5


Marketing Department

Strategy First Inc





Thanks Fates :D

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