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About F-20A air plane

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:wink: Everyone~~


Im' looking for importing method about airplane.lod in the airplane object folder.

I would like to import F-5E.lod, so then would like to modify like a F-20A Tiger shark.

I love it, because I got a impressed with Shin Kazama's Air plane in the animation Area88.


Please help me, tell me importing method, modify method in shortly.

um..If you have a F-20a.lod that modified F-5E.lod, please share it for me..^^


have a nice day!

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Hi mook!. As far I know, there is no way to "editing" an .lod file. Once you export your 3D model to this format, you are not able to really modify the geometry (except some minor changes using an hex editor). Of course I´m not an modeller, so If anyone knows any way to do this ,I apologize :sorry:

Some time ago, I read from Flying Toaster (In SimHQ) that the F-20 Tigershark is in the "list". When?, I don´t know, but surely a long time. However, is nice to know that a superb modeler (MF F-15A,F/A-18...) has this beauty in sight! (By the way... I too would love to fly in the Tigershark with Shin´s skin) :good:



Edited by Kazama

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Guest Sony Tuckson

Indeed, LOD files can't be edited as such, they are a compiled (and in a way protected) version of the 3d model


only thing that can be done is deleting some elements through hexadecimal edition (and this ain't a basic operation), only thing easy to do is to change the name of the textures it uses (which is not usually of any interrest, unless for pilots)

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