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  1. A-10 Pit V2

  2. Hi guys!!. I´ve just readed this post and I really get mad!. Such amount of hard work and patience totally for free!. Thanks a lot to everybody involved in this mod (It seems to be the ULTIMATE campaign) . Really, its amazing your generosity! (sorry my poor english) Bye!!
  3. WOW! The radar really looks great with those "extra polys"! Thanks a lot and good luck! Bye!
  4. Hi mook!. As far I know, there is no way to "editing" an .lod file. Once you export your 3D model to this format, you are not able to really modify the geometry (except some minor changes using an hex editor). Of course I´m not an modeller, so If anyone knows any way to do this ,I apologize Some time ago, I read from Flying Toaster (In SimHQ) that the F-20 Tigershark is in the "list". When?, I don´t know, but surely a long time. However, is nice to know that a superb modeler (MF F-15A,F/A-18...) has this beauty in sight! (By the way... I too would love to fly in the Tigershark with Shin´s skin) Bye!
  5. The drag chute is deployed when you activate the air brakes AND you are in land or touching land (landing) :yes: . This is a cool feature and really useful on shorts landing runaways+high speed "aproaching" planes.(Sorry about my bad english)
  6. WOOW!! foxmonter, eres el amo!. I´ve saw Robotech-Macross since my childhood, and always loved the VF-1!! (I even keep a toy model). I´ve following your work here and in simhq, and I was atonished. Plus, I would tried to make an "cannon fodder" skin (the brown one) and now I discover you already got it!. THANK YOU a lot for all your work!. About the gunpod..., Have you tried to buid it not as a weapon but as a part of the model?. OK, we lose the chance of loading it, but this is a very usual weapon (if not the most) in the VF-1. Bye!! PD: The thrust vector nozzles controlled by pitch is possible in this game, isn´t?. the MIG-29OVT by scrapper has this feature, but as long the original model has no animated thrust vectoring nozzles the effect obiously is not 100% correct. But scrapper shown that thrust vectoring+controlled by pitch+afterburner is possible. I´m sure the VF-1 would be an terrific opponent in dogfight!
  7. WOOW!! Marcelo Rules!! Thanks a lot man!!, this is a great work!! Bye!
  8. Superb!! Muito obrigado!!! PD:There is an SU-33 in the list? Bye!
  9. Two of Mirage Factory main modelers are Flying Toaster and BPAO. Here: http://www.column5.us/forum/index.php?show...=5223&st=20 you can see the AMAZING model of F-14B made by Flying Toaster. The thread started some time ago (May 2006), its seem than the 3d model is done, but an aircraft for SF requires a lot of extra work. The good news is that Column5 posted there he hopes we will see the F-14 in the first quarter of 07. Maybe a little later, but quality usually requires time! Bye! PD:Sorry about my poor English!
  10. Oh my god !, the long-time awaited!! At least!! , THANKS!!
  11. Hi Gux, first of all congratulations for this wonderful work !! (both, plane and pit) . Sorry if I am giving you codes that you already have tried, but in Mirage Factory´s F-18 pit appears these lines: [Tachometer1] Type=TACHOMETER CounterNodeFormat=RPM_L_dig%d MovementType=ANALOG_COUNTER ItemNumber=1 Scale=100 [Tachometer2] Type=TACHOMETER CounterNodeFormat=RPM_R_dig%d MovementType=ANALOG_COUNTER ItemNumber=2 Scale=100 ------------------------------------------------------------- [EngineTemp1] Type=EXHAUST_GAS_TEMPERATURE_INDICATOR CounterNodeFormat=T4_L_dig%d MovementType=ANALOG_COUNTER ItemNumber=1 [EngineTemp2] Type=EXHAUST_GAS_TEMPERATURE_INDICATOR CounterNodeFormat=T4_R_dig%d MovementType=ANALOG_COUNTER ItemNumber=2 (obiously, Gripen has only one engine, so...) By the way, some questions/suggestions: -where are you going to place the RWR?. -Have you considered to include a course heading, compass,etc.. in the left MFD?. I´ve seen a picture of a different status of this MFD (thought you lose the engine data, grrr... ) -In MF F-18, when you change from AA,AG and NAV modes, some date changes too on the center console (airspeed, true speed...). This fact allows to "emulate" a little of the spirit of a MFD.There is some way to change, for example, the map of the center MFD(Navigation mode) for another status(AA or AG)? Thanks a lot and good luck!!
  12. Thanks Sundowner from Spain!!! (A wonderful piece of art , as always) :dirol:

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