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Hi, old chaps!!


My new Campaign is available now:


"You are Buck Danny, back from Korea. You are invited to be a part of the Fuerza Aerea del Managua restructuration. Managua is a small but rich country of Central America, and also a young and strong ally of the USA.


Your action will be double. First, you will an observer sent by the American government to evaluate the material and training needs of the

Managuaian Air Force. Then, you will become a flight instructor. You have returned to civilian life before being incorporated to the Managuaian Force with your former rank. Indeed, during this 1952 summer, USA have been at war in Korea for the last 2 years, and American opinion has become fed up with those murderer combats. For this purpose, your intervention must be the more discrete as possible. Of course, you won't be alone in Central America, and your faithful friends Captain Jerry "Tumb" Tumbler and he mighty Texan red haired Second Lieutenant Sonny Tuckson will come along. Some other pilots and technicians will of course be with you.


Your evaluation mission seems to go easy till the sworn enemy of Managua, Costa Verde, makes his move.


Only one philosophy must guide you : pilots are rare, and you must not hesitate to send them back to home base one you estimate the mission accomplished.


Enjoy your flight!"


Coming with new skins, new medals, read me (french and english), 32 missions (in two versions, french and english).


Some screens:










Have a look on Buck Danny:


Buck Danny


Have a look on the download section.


Have fun!

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