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BiohazCentral FTP Site is now online

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Well, after talking about it for the past 6 months, I finally got off my lazy butt and got the official BiohazCentral FTP site configured and ready for uploads. This new FTP site will enable you to upload your larger submitted skins, mods and other sim-related files without the issues we had with the php upload script I've had in place up to now. I ask that you still upload the smaller (<2 meg) files through the Submit Files link on the Contribute Menu to the left unless you are having issues with it, then hit the FTP site.


But first, a few ground rules. =) Please people, don't abuse this privilige. Sim-related files only, I don't want to have to clean out a bunch of junk every other day. Also, if you are planning on sending up any files larger than about 20Mb, please contact me first! Also, all activity & IPs are logged.


So spread the word, and send up all your skins and mods now!


You can now upload files directly to ftp://ftp.biohazcentral.com/pub/incoming and I will move them to the proper directory for downloading, as well as add the file to the Downloads Section. Just be sure to shoot me off a message and let me know you sent something up, otherwise I might not notice it for a few days.

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