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  1. That one looks interesting! Anyone messed with it enough to recommend? As bleeding-edge tech-wise as I usually am, I've actually held off on the whole VR headset thing so far. Been waiting for the tech to mature a bit more, at least until they released a wireless versions of the Vive. Been curious if any flight sim developers were embracing the new tech.
  2. Dude, you need a hobby. Oh, wait.... :) Glad to see the place kicking better than ever! I think you may see me around a bit more, hell I've even been looking at HOTAS gear. =)
  3. Man, it has been awhile. I'm sure most of you won't even remember me, but I was the guy that kicked this place off back in the day. =) It has been awhile! I see there are still a lot of the old names and faces I remember still milling around. :) So, I've been out of flight sims for a long time, but have been getting the itch to get back in the last year and looking for some recommendations to dip my toe back in the waters. What's the best combat flight sim out there right now that doesn't take a year of training to jump back in? No disrespect to DCS, but I want something I can jump back in a little at a time as I'm pretty busy with the business most of the time, but I really need a hobby again. :P Suggestions? I'm partial to newer modern aircraft but am open to anything really. Looking forward to getting to know the new (to me anyway) faces around here!
  4. 10 Years with Combat Ace

    Damn that first site design was hidious! But the second one still doesn't look too bad. But hey, I'm biased!
  5. 10 Years with Combat Ace

    Wow, was doing a quick search on MadJeff tonight and stumbled across this post. Has it really been 10 years?! I'm not ashamed to admit I have a lump in my throat reading through the thread, as Biohaz and it's awesome members were a huge part of my life for quite a few years. When I first started the site, I just wanted a create a friendly place without the drama of some of the other sim sites on the web. It is absolutely amazing to me how this site started out as a place for me to hang out with others that liked wasting our spare time on our sim hobby, and over the years turned into something so much more. And as it was back then, it's the users that make the site what it is. I'm just glad I had some small part in helping make a place where sim lovers could hang out, have fun and make friends. Even though I don't stop by very often anymore, I still remember many of you with fond memories. Well, maybe some not so fondly... :) But you all made it interesting! And Fates buddy, everyone really needs to thank you for all the times you kept me going and on track when I'd just about had enough. There were many others members as well that helped carry the load. MK2 and Erik, you can really be proud of what you accomplished here! I still remember our initial conversations when I had decided that I could not keep up the pace anymore and was ready to shut down. I had told myself I would rather close it down than have someone else run it into the ground, but the more we talked, the more I felt I was passing the torch to someone that would really take things to the next level. Looks like I chose wisely... Here's to another 10 years!
  6. Thank You MK2

    As the creator and former owner of Biohaz, I have to say thanks to MK2, Erik, Fates and everyone else involved for making this site what it is today. If it was not for MK2 and others stepping up to the plate and pushing things forward this site would not even exist today. I'm proud of what all of you have accomplished with the site, and everyone owes these guys a huge debt of gratitude and a huge THANK YOU for all the time, money and energy that has made the site what is is today.
  7. NEWS: PCPilot hits the big 5-OH

    Doin' well old man! Working, living life, the usual drill. We moved to Vancouver, WA last May and I work across the river in Portland. Been pretty much out of gaming and sim stuff for too long, but have started getting the itch again and thought I would drop by and see what the old gang was up to. I just unpacked my CH gear and dusted it off and was thinking about firing up this copy of F4:AF I picked up for 5 bucks at WalMart awhile back. But I'm afraid if I do I'll get sucked back in with you sorry bunch.
  8. Check This out

    Has any of the guys checked into this yet? EECH was arguably one of the best helo sims out there from a pure fun perspective. I would love to see a preview of this title here at Combat Ace.
  9. Arcade games

    Asteroids and Missile Command were the first machines that really started sucking quarters out of my pocket. I miss the old arcades, I think that's why I started buying and restoring arcade machines a few years ago. It's cool going out to the garage and firing up the same machines I used to play on my lunch break... =)
  10. NEWS: PCPilot hits the big 5-OH

    PC! Happy Birthday bud! I hit the Four-Ohhh last summer, glad to see there are people older than I on the interweb still... =)
  11. File Name: Japanese Aircraft Pack Addon by Armourdave File Submitter: MadJeff File Submitted: 28 Nov 2004 File Updated: 25 Apr 2008 File Category: Axis Fighters *********************************** Japanese Aircraft Pack for Strike Fighters : Project 1 by Armourdave *********************************** build 27-11-2004 *********************************** Installation *********************************** Unzip the japanese_aircraft.zip to your \objects\aircraft folder Move the nations.ini to your \flight folder. *********************************** Pack introduction & History *********************************** ******* A6M ******* The Mitsubishi A6M Zero-Sen legendary status mirrored the fortunes of the rising sun, in which four years, the sun would finally set. For the Japanese and its former enemies, the A6M was the symbol of Japanese air power. The A6M fighter marked the beginning of a new epoch in naval aviation and was the first shipboard fighter capable of surpassing land-based aircraft.1 With its tight turning radius, it was an extremely deadly weapon in a dogfight, and was famous for its ability to outmaneuver, Brewster F2A Buffaloes, Curtiss P-40s and Grumman F4F Wildcats. As early as 1937, Claire Chennault, the author of 'The Role of Defensive Pursuit,' warned the USAAF about the dangers of Japanese air power. Apparently his warnings were ignored, as the superiority of the A6M was a complete surprise to the American forces.2 As leader of the Flying Tigers, Chennault constantly stressed to his pilots, 'Never try to turn with a Zero. Always get above the enemy and try to hit him with the first pass.'3 Because of the A6Ms exceptional range and performance, it was to bear the brunt of the action, of almost every military engagement in the Pacific, until the end of the war. 4 ******* Ki-43 ******* The Hayabusa was a sleek little dogfighter, relatively slow and lightly armed (just two fuselage-mounted machine guns at a time when other fighters were carrying multiple machine guns or even cannon in their wings). At first, these weaknesses seemed not to matter, but as time went on, the Hayabusa was totally outclassed by its opponents in every respect except tight-turning dogfighting. And even that advantage counted little against enemy aircraft that refused to meet the Hayabusa on its own terms. Unfortunately for Japan, the Hayabusa had to continue on as a front-line fighter to the end, because its successor-the Ki-84 Hayate (which see)-was never available in sufficient quantities, and was not as reliable as the older fighter. Interestingly, design work on the Ki-43 began even before its predecessor, the Ki-27 Nate, entered service with the JAAF. In December 1937, the Army told the Nakajima company to design a new fighter to supercede the Ki-27. The new plane would be faster in level flight (300+ mph), swifter-climbing (5 minutes to 16,405 ft.), longer-ranged (a radius of action of 500 statute miles), with the same armament and maneuverability as the earlier fighter. The Nakajima team, led by Hideo Itokawa, worked steadily for a year, and the new plane was first flown early in January 1939. ******* G4M2 ******* Designed to an incredibly demanding 1938 Navy specification, the G4M family (given the code-name "Betty" by the Allies) was the Imperial Japanese Navy's premier heavy bomber in World War II; yet the insistence on the great range of 2,000 nautical miles (3,706 km) with full bomb load made the saving of weight take priority over defence and the aircraft was highly vulnerable and not very popular. The wing was of the same Mitsubishi 118 section as the Zero-Sen and boldly designed as an integral fuel tank to accommodate no less than 5,000 litres (1,100 gal). The company kept recommending four engines and being overruled by the Navy, which, during the early flight-test stage, wasted more than a year, and 30 aircraft, in trying to make the design into the G6M bomber escort with a crew of ten and 19 guns. Eventually the G4M1 was readied for service as a bomber and flew its first missions in South East China in May 1941. More than 250 operated in the Philippines and Malayan campaigns, but after the Solomons battle in August 1942 it began to be apparent that, once intercepted and hit, the unprotected bomber went up like a torch (hence the Allied nickname "one-shot lighter"). Total production reached the exceptional quantity of 2,479, most of them in the many sub-types of G4M2 with increased fuel capacity and power. Finally the trend of development was reversed with the G4M3 series with full protection and only 968 gal fuel. *********************************** Known Issues *********************************** * Hires textures might cause you problems if your graphics card is from the previous century * Ki-43 has no fast prop. * G4M2 is AI only so dont even bother *********************************** Aircraft Files *********************************** All aircraft models, cockpit models and cockpit textures authored by David (AD). All flight models authored by Wolf257 This pack contains 4 aircraft and 6 skins. Aircraft Skin A6M2 - White (Volksjaeger) White (Lansen) A6M5 - Camo (Volksjaeger) Green (Volksjaeger) Ki-43 - Green (Volksjaeger) G4M2 - Green (Volksjaeger) All Hangar screens and A6M2/5 loading screens by Kevin "Wrench" Stein *********************************** Thanks to *********************************** Jason "Volksjaeger" Brash Jim "Wolf257" Farmer Kevin "Wrench" Stein Lansen Whoever hosts this pack Click here to download this file
  12. File Name: Solomon Island Terrain Add-on File Submitter: MadJeff File Submitted: 24 Nov 2004 File Updated: 18 Jan 2007 File Category: Terrains Solomon Island Terrain Add-on. 1. Create a folder in your main terrain folder named paw1. 2. Move the contents of this zip file into that folder. 3. Copy the desert.cat file from the desert folder to the paw1 folder and rename it paw1.cat. 4. Unzip the AAA.zip file to your Objects folder. Click here to download this file
  13. File Name: AT-6D Texan Skin Template File Submitter: MadJeff File Submitted: 15 Nov 2004 File Category: SF Skin Templates Blank template for Bunyap's excellent AT-6D Texan. Click here to download this file
  14. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...code=sst&id=675 File Name: At-6D Texan Addon File Submitter: MadJeff File Submitted: 15 Nov 2004 File Updated: 7 Feb 2008 File Category: Allied Fighters File Version: 1.00 Website: http://www.bunyap2w1.com/ The AT-6D Texan is now available for download. This model was used by the Mosquito FACs early during the Korean War. I don't have many references for this aircraft so I only included a generic skin. Templates are available for download if you wish to give it better markings. Click here to download this file

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