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Flying Bastards

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Step to the Ladder and throw the case in

close the canopy and buckle yourself in


Master switch on, and wait for N1, add the igniters and turn the fuel on.

Release the brakes and check them again, then radio ground for the sortie to begin.


End of the runway, all equipment is armed, put a beer in the cupholder and twist the cap off.

Power Levers foward and AB at full, tilt the beer foward so your sure it won't spill.


One after another until you reach the fight, then one for your wingman as you keep him in sight.

You roll to the left as your bogey closes near, then you reach in the back to get another cold beer.


He closes at speeds incredibly unreal, but you've left your mind behind all this spiel. He rolls to the

left then he rolls to the right, and as drunk as you are, you still keep him in sight.


You finally close and with weapons fully armed, you forget about missles and bank on your guns.

You pull the trigger as the bandit draws near, then you smile as the smoke erupts, and you cheer.


You return to your base with the glory you deserve, but much of that seems mute when the mechanics

have finished your beer reserve.


You kick the tires and say "thank-you" for another good fight, as you pray for your commander to buy

the beer at the O-club that night.


And while you sleep in your warm little bed, the mechanics are painting another Mig on your ride.

But even more special then one or two kills, are the pictures of beer cans that gave you your thrills!



<C> Fates




BTW....did I say I like Beer? Contributions excepted.. :lol:

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