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AA MG Airfield Gunners for FE Expansion Pack 1

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File Name: AA MG Airfield Gunners for FE Expansion Pack 1

File Submitter: Tailspin

File Submitted: 27 Oct 2007

File Updated: 7 Feb 2008

File Category: Ini Edits

File Version: No Information

Website: No Information


Anti-Aircraft Machinegunners for FE Expansion Pack 1


This is an updated version of my AAMG mod for First Eagles.


I have placed AA machinegunners at all the airfields for both the Cambrai and Verdun maps. These are usually found near the heavy AAA guns but since TK has rearranged some of the fields and created new one that may not always be the case. Regardless, sightseeing over enemy airfields is not recommended. ;^)




WARNING!!! This procedure will OVERWRITE your existing .INI files. If you want to keep them PLEASE BACK THEM UP BEFORE INSTALLATION OF THIS MOD.


First unzip the mod to a Temp folder on your Desktop or other area thats convenient for you. You will find the following files:









Open the Terrain folder in the main FE EXP 1 directory. Put the WWICAMBRAI_TARGETS.INI & WWICAMBRAI_TYPES.INI in the WWICambrai terrain folder. Repeat with the WWIVERDUN_TARGETS.INI & WWIVERDUN_TYPES.INI for the WWIVerdun terrain folder.


Open the Objects folder in the main directory. Put the ParabellumAAA and VickersAAA folders in the GroundObjects folder. Thats all there is to it. REMEMBER...this will overwrite the .INIs. If you have modded Terrain .INIs you can follow the old installation procedures outlined in the original AAMG mod.


Thanks to the ATEAM for the AAA Machinegunner models and permission to use them in this mod. If you have any problems with this mod, please contact me and do not contact any member of the ATeam.




As there have been changes to the airfields and new ones added you may encounter a machinegunner in an odd place such as too near or inside another object on an airfield. If you see one, just post in the First Eagles forum and www.combatace.com and I will try and fix it.






Click here to download this file

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