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Just reinstalled SF and... GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cant get my Navy skins (F-4B) to work with the F-4E. I've done everything that I did before... move the skins to the F-4E skin folder change the bitmap names to f4e instead of f4b. I swear that I've done everything correctly (cause it worked before... like 5 months ago), but now it doesnt work... and its pissing me off.


And another thing... the Deuces Euro Terrain makes the planes all do that wierd ass flying side ways sh*t!!!


Note: this is all with that fabulous patch 1 (installed correctly).


Please somebody give me some tips with the skins and tile set.




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Can't help you with the skin but I can tell you part of what's wrong with the planes flying weird.

If you tried to fly either a CAS or Armed Recon it ain't gonna work. I think Deuces released an update so it would work but if you're using the first version it won't.



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Okay I'm pretty sure I was flying Armed Recon (trying to test the Sam trails at the same time)


I look for the update.


Anybody got any clues on the skins?

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