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  1. Hahahahaha

  2. F-18

    Tried it out. You can't take off from the US carrier, and the A2G system is impossible, and I can't get a lock with sparrows. But hey, if you wanna drop dumb bombs and shoot heaters, and land on a US carrier with a US jet, then this'll do just fine.
  3. F-18

    Awesome, I just downloaded it, and installed it with LoMan. Will give it a go later, as I have to leave now. Thanks a bunch! -J
  4. So I set up a mission with a combined NATO force going against a Russian airbase and a rather large armored column. I put one S300 site in the game... multiple launchers, the works. I also added two ground radar, and a Tunguska and 2XShilka in the column. And 2 more Shilka's around the airfield. So it's a pretty good defense. I've got 2 German F-4's doing wild weasel, 2 Mirage's doing escort, 2 Tornados doing ground attack, 2(me) A-10's doing ground attack, and 4 F-18's doing ground attack. 1 Backfire on anti-ship duty, and 3 Su-33 on CAP. Problem!!! My wildweasels, and my Tornados bug out and drop their ordinance as soon as the SAMs start popping up. Basically they turn themselves into fighters, but they don't do much of anything other than evade SAMs until they get shot down. F-18's never make it to the bombing area so scratch them. I was trying to make it so the Tornados and Hornets would make it in and do some damage on the SAMs and AAA before I and my wingman arrive to knock out the armor. Obviously this doesn't work because the Weasels bug out. Also, if I order my wingman to go SEAD, he climbs and then draws fire, then he dumps his load too. Is there anyway to actually make the AI engage the SAMs? Note: all a/c are at Average ability. Sorry if this is an old problem, or if I come off as an idiot, but I've just now given LOMAC a shot, so I'm in need of some help. Thanks, J
  5. Thirdwire goes WWI!

    I'm all over this. Can't wait!
  6. USS Iowa not good enough for San Fransisco?

    Revoking one of our nation's military treasures is not a good way of getting homosexuals accepted into the mil. Glad to see that Stockton wants to take her.
  7. RAAF F18 Super Hornet

    So they're going to replace the D with the F when it gets fully deployed? Or is the Navy going to get all of the Super Bugs?
  8. RAAF F18 Super Hornet

    Can somebody tell me if the USMC will be getting F/A-18F's? Or will they be stuck with D's? I ask because it's the job I'm shooting for (WSO).
  9. RAAF F18 Super Hornet

    Oh come on, the Super Bug is a hot lookin' bird.
  10. Is there some sort of F-18 mod/hack out there? Is it carrier capable?
  11. Typhoon vs 2 Eagles...

    Hmm, Russian pilots are often criticized for flying their aircraft at what western pilots consider "dangerous" g's, speeds, and altitudes... Russian pilots reply: "It is okay, the aircraft can handle it". Heard this while watching a documentary on the Fulcrum on the Military channel. We all know that the ruskies tend to have some problems keeping aloft in their Fulcrums at airshows. Isrealis... probably the best dogfighters. USAF.... best equipment. Russians.... totally f***ed in the head. USN NAVAIR.... pretty good all around, which makes them the best IMO, but I'm also biased.
  12. Typhoon vs 2 Eagles...

    Actually try the USN, USMC, IAF, USAF, then the RAF
  13. Typhoon vs 2 Eagles...

    I'm dreading the day when pilots are deemed unworthy of aerial combat. Maybe the new movie "Stealth" will help the public opinion in this..... although it looks like a very lame movie. Yes, BUFF, this incident was a year ago, but seeing that you are a Scotsman, you got access to the info before we did.....
  14. Typhoon vs 2 Eagles...

    http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/uk.cfm?id=673262005 Apparently this is old, but I just heard about it.
  15. Happy Birthday USA!

    God, I got so burnt this weekend. I look like a Yankee.

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