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AddOn aircraft for LOMAC ?

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Mornin' All,

Got such great help from jollyrodger on my last question I thought I'd try another...

Does anyone know of any addon birds for LOMAC ? I'd really like to find an A-4 Skyhawk (any variant) that would work in LOMAC.

I've got WOV, which has a semi-decent selection of A-4's , but of course the quality of WOV is nowhere near LOMAC...

If not one for LOMAC , anybody know of a good one - with a VC - that will work in FS9 ?



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I don't know a thing about MSFS, but I know for LOMAC there's no simple "add on" aircraft. From what I understand, you have to replace one of the planes in the game to get a "new" plane and it's mostly cosmetic. For instance, many have replaced the Su-33 with the F-14 as it's a carrier-capable plane. However, you still have the Su-33 cockpit and flight dynamics. You can go on to adjust that so it flies more like an F-14, but it's not easy.

In short, other than skins LOMAC was never made as a moddable "open" sim like MSFS and the TW series are.

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