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Hello to all, and Happy Thanksgiving to all those that may celebrate. A few years ago I bought a CD game, CD 1 was Lock On and CD # 2 was Lock On --Flaming Cliffs. At the time my PC would not handle. A few months ago I loaded them on my new PC, however I was never able to get my controller to work right. I dwn. loaded a profile for it but could not get it to work so at some point I just deleted everything.I think my 1st pc flt sim was Air warriors, and then Warbirds years ago. In the past year I have started flying again with Warbirds and enjoy it. However I would really like to try to get Lock On up and going. I have Teamspeak and use it in Warbirds. I found the Teamspeak IP # that you use but how do I get A channel password? Two things I need to admit -1--I'm not all that PC savvy, 2 It is very hard to speak due to throat surgery I had for cancer. I just know that I can fly those birds if I ever get my system setup and have someone to listen 2. Below is list of my systems: Controller:

Saitek X52PC:AMD 3800 X2 Dual core Processor1 gb pc6400 DDR2 memory256 mb 7300GT Nvidia 3-D vidio cardDVD/CD Rewritable Drive160gb Hard Drive430 watt PSWindows XP22" LCD Monitor


Thanks for any help

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