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  1. Runtime error

    Hmmm That error means hardware problems, if I remember correctly. But your system should have no problem at all, if it is working well. Have to done any stability tests on your system like prime95 or one of graphics benchmark thingies? Also, I recommend you post your tech problems here: http://forum.lockon.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=46 I've never installed FC on my Vista partition so it may be something new that I'm not familiar with. I also don't have SLI, so it would be good to post there to get some experience from someone who has a similar setup. You might also try a new 1.12b download. Yours might be corrupted.
  2. Runtime error

    List your hardware specs. CPU RAM GPU
  3. Help please

    A great many people use the X52 with LOMAC so that shouldn't be your problem. This may help you in getting your controller set up properly: http://www.freewebs.com/konkussion/flighth...resetuppage.htm
  4. This is an old bug that has since been fixed. Which version of the game are you running?
  5. That's a good idea. I can't see why that wouldn't work. It's beyond my ability to implement but somebody surely could give it an effort. Have you posted it at the ED site in the Mods forum?
  6. where did it go?

    Admit it. It was under the couch, wasn't it?
  7. where did it go?

    Now you've hurt my feelings and I shan't help you find it.
  8. where did it go?

    Have you looked under the couch?
  9. Music Change

    The files are in Sounds/Music/ and are plainly named. The default format is ogg but you can use a wav file instead. They must be saved as 16 bit 22.5 khz.
  10. The quick answer is: you can't. What is altered in the meinit will not allow a plane to fly faster, etc.. It will only allow the initial speed allowed by the mission editor for an airstarted plane. For example, if an F-15's speed is increased in the meinit, it can start the mission flying mach 3 but will quickly decelerate to the hard coded maximum speed.
  11. I used to have it, but I lost it somehow. The real stick only has 1 hat on it (for trim, IIRC), so I wouldn't worry too much about reality. Trigger for guns and weapons release should be assigned correctly by default. Thumb to lock and pinky to switch weapons.
  12. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3...06/m/6921038285 **DISCLAIMER** I suggest you forget about adding a country. Any possible harm done to your installation is not my fault, it's yours.
  13. It would require the editing of the meinit file, where the slightest typographical/spelling error could render your game unplayable. That makes for quite a dilemma.

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