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Whatever happened to "playing possum"?

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Remember the original FE, oh a year ago now? Remember the first time you saw a German AI "play possum" and land anywhere to avoid a hopeless tactical situation, BUT then take off when you flew away??? (nothing insinuated here, I just never saw a British AI do this! :no:)


Just a quick survey to see if anyone else still observes this behaviour, because I cannot remember the last time I saw AI play possum... I thought it was a wonderful piece of code [if it has been deleted...].


In fact (dare I say this???) I'm starting to miss the "soft landings" BUT only because now EVERY aircraft taken out of combat goes in for a burton. Shouldn't an AI opponent with only a shot out engine be able to land?


Have you noticed that if you hit the AI engine, the prop slows and then stops (wonderful!!!), the pilot is still there in the cockpit, BUT THEN he suddenly disappears a few seconds later and the a/c goes out of control in a most realistic manner. However, this happens all the time now. Can there be no middle ground?


Opinions welcome...

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My flight of Camels was on generated intercept mission and we had to take on a bunch of loaded Albs escorted by Dr.I

Our arrival scared Albatroses so much their whole flight landed at once. Don't know, whether they tried to take off later or not, because Dreideckers torn us apart.

It happened only once but apparently this piece of code is still in there. :good:

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