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Shot from the East

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Coming as soon as I can tweak a couple things and finish the read-me. JASDF Weapons pack 1, featuring the AAM-3 (on the F-2A wingtip) and AAM-5 (on the next inboard pylon) IRH missiles.


Oh, how do I get a thumbnail or an image showing up from the CA gallery in this post?

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And uploaded! Just awating moderator approval.


Thanks gerald, I do have several AG missiles planned, particularly the ASM-1 and ASM-2 anti-ship cruise missiles. Also in the works are the AAM-2 (INI modded AIM-9B) and AAM-4 AHM, as well as the GBU-11 laser-guided bomb. I'm still looking for information on their weapons and will add any I find as I look.

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