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  1. I know this is a bit late to the game, but I hope this might help someone. It's the TPS scheme layout for the A-3 taken from MIL-STD 2161A (1993), complete with markings guide and FS-595 colors.
  2. I have a friend who flew the F-84F before and after Vietnam in both the USAF and the ANG. He also flew, operationally, the F-100 (the 354th Fighter Wing when they were stood up at Myrtle Beach. We have most of the squadron schemes for that Wing in the download section) and the F-105 during the war with the VA ANG. He liked the F-84 overall, it was a solid and dependable plane. He lost one in the Chesapeake Bay, though, after losing power and bailing out of it when the ejection seat failed. The most amusing story about the F-84 he told was when he and a couple wingmen pounced on some F-4 Phantoms that were flying down to Florida and engaged in a mock impromptu dogfight for a bit. The F-4s were laden with fuel and lost. Let's see, there was also an exchange tour with the Marines flying F-8Ds off the Oriskany and an amusing run-in, while he was with the 354th in Aviano on nuclear alert, with Yeager.
  3. Aardvark on Aardvark. (Early, early, EARLY WiP )
  4. This is one I actually started to fiddle with building. I've only started the fuselage so far, fortunately it's a really simple shape compared to most aircraft! I'll try and get some more work done on it tomorrow, hopefully enough to post. For inspiration, some of my F-31A Sparrowhawk drawings.
  5. In honor of the F-29 Polecat that got released today, here's my F-29A and F-29C Lynx +two variations. After that is the RF-29A Lynxeye.
  6. Ack, and forgive the double post, but I did forget my newer F-31As. I'll post the F-29A/C lineart later.
  7. Thanks! That's why I figured that they would change the constitution or find a loop-hole somewhere (donation?) to circumvent that, since the US would need a carrier-capable allied force in the area to oppose the small Chinese fleet being built. Thank you, cp. I did an F-14E as well, it's the single-seat counterpart to the F-14F and the delta-winged EF-14G. I didn't go the stealth route with them due to a couple factors, though, since it's rather limiting for designs (plus I find the 4th Gen. plane designs much more interesting) and these are supposed to basically be the Tomcat's equivalent to the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. The other two versions are shown here: F-14E (this particular one doesn't have the bulged spine with additional ECM gear, but it is available on F-14Es) EF-14G
  8. Thanks, kct. The backstory I've worked up is that during the 1990s, Russia and China managed to develop economically and militarily again and the US allowed the sale of two older carriers that had just been decommissioned, USS Independence and USS Ranger. The JMSDF also purchased several squadrons of F-14Fs and EF-14Gs to fill the fighter and ELINT support/A2A refueling/SEAD/ASW role on their ships. They also purchased F/A-18C/Ds for the fighter/attack role. Maikaze means "Whirlwind" in Japanese, I took it from a WWII destroyer in the IJN with the same name. I have all the squadrons named after "-kaze" names. Hatsukaze (Year's First Wind), Amatsukaze (Heavenly Wind), etc. Incidentally, Maikaze is also the name of the main character in the aircraft anime "Stratos 4", she's a TSR-2 pilot. I watched it a few weeks after I used the name on the squadron.
  9. Wow, I haven't posted anything in here in awhile. I still haven't finished shading and highlighting on my F-14F, but I do have some in-progress paint schemes. VF-103 Jolly Rogers retro scheme "VF-84 Vagabonds" VF-103 Jolly Rogers Maikaze Hikotai, JMSDF VF-31 Tomcatters
  10. The AST-21's extended gloves performed multiple tasks. One, increased fuel capacity. Two, performed the same role as the vanes. Three, cured a structural weakness, and I think a fatigue problem, with that area of the plane. I added them to the F-14NGs I showed in the other thread, so I'm posting this old and outdated top-view of the EF-14G to show them for the people who haven't seen them before.
  11. Won't they guide to ground targets if you have a seeker installed on the plane (EOTS, Pave Knife, etc)? It wouldn't be a problem to convert them to LGBs in the Weapons Editor anyway. EDIT: Forgot to mention, this plane is looking gorgeous. I'm looking forward to when she's released.
  12. Why no more Tomcats?

    How about something like these: F-14E F-14F EF-14G
  13. The Jolly Rogers are definitely on the list of squadrons I'm going to paint. If I can find a clean reference for the tail insignia, then the Pukin' Dogs will come too. I'm planning three VF-103 variations, yellow stripe, white stripe, and low-vis. Oh, and a few VF-111 Sundowner planes. 76.IAP-Blackbird: These are just drawings I've done. I did the lineart in MS Publisher and then colored, shaded, and highlighted in GIMP. I would love to see these plane designs as models, yeah, but my model skills are still in their infancy. If someone wanted to build one, that would be great.
  14. I remember flying the X-31 in ATF Gold back when I was a kid. It was my very first flight simulator. The X-31 was a blast ingame, dancing around on the vectoring and seeing it in the intro movie rocked. Actually, it inspired me to work on this for awhile (still not finished with highlighting and markings).

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