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Charlie's Aces - Bloc n°1 - Campagnes

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File Name: Charlie's Aces - Bloc n°1 - Campagnes

File Submitter: rhugouvi

File Submitted: 31 Dec 2007

File Category: Missions/Campaigns




Here's Charlie's Aces, my update of MK2's Aces of North Vietnam Campaign. This add-on is supposed to be installed on a separate install of Wings over Vietnam.


This update falls into 5 blocks named after their content (in French, but pretty recogniseable):


Bloc n°1 - Campagne: Menu screens, campaign files, and so on

Bloc n°2 - Dialogues vietnamien: A brand new speech pack in Vietnamese! French and English subtitles with squadron names corresponding to the campaign's ones included

Bloc n°3 - Environnement: Clouds, sky, sea and so on

Bloc n°4 and n°5 - Objets: Mostly relevant, but non exhaustive pack of aircraft which fought above Tonkin


Detailled content can be found here.


Please make sure that you get all the blocks before installing Charlie's Aces (see User's Guide for details).


Comments and constructive feedback will be much appreciated. So come and leave a note here.




Please read carefully the User's Guide (provided in the RARs). It contains installation instructions, and the comprehensive credit list of the add-ons used in the pack.




This pack was first designed for my personal use. Since I guess that some might be interested, I've decided to upload the pack here at CombatAce. Therefore this pack reflects my personal choices. I hope most are OK, but some might be not.

So feel free to tweak the pack, so that you get exactly what you want.



I hope you like.


Happy new year! Bonne année! Frohes neues Jahr! Hyvää uutta vuotta!




Click here to download this file

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