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A Few Really simple Rules..

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OK everyone...We here at Combatace take great pride in our tolerance of certain subjects and let things go alot further than most places would.With that said we are tolerant BUT we have our limits and personal attacks against anyone for any reason will get threads locked and a even deleted,and it could even get worse than that.If you have questions or problems with anyone or any of the policies here send myself or any of the other staff a PM and we'll be glad to sort things out.

Also Negative statements against a Game dev.team, or a publisher will be deemed the same as an attack against a person here and will not be tolerated also.

All we're asking is for a measure of maturity and common sense when you post.There are members from all over the world here and in all age groups..PLEASE keep that in mind when posting.

We want everyone to have a very good time here and hopefully use the resources available in our file downloads as well as learn from the knowledgable sources here for you all your simming needs.

Also Please refrain from political posts, While what may seem right and fair to you, may offend someone else and then we have a problem and feelings get hurt. So NO politics.

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