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Hell's Angels Gold Patch for RB3d!

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If you're a Red Baron 3d player, then this add-on is a MUST download! I just got finished running it through its paces and I'm truely impressed at the work that has gone into this mod.


Here's the readme just to give you an idea and who is behind this mod:


10 Jul 03

OvS Hell's Angels Gold


Welcome and good luck!


Hell's Angels is a one-time install that incorporated the most historic artwork offered by many members of the Red Baron Community. It upgrades many aspects of the game while bringing you the most realistic and gut-wrenching WWI air combat experience to date.


Prior to installing Hell's Angels, you need to start with a fresh install of Red Baron, using the 'Full Install' selected.


There are literally hundreds of changes that were made in this patch and you'll never see them all... I guarantee that! ;)


Some more notable changes/upgrades:

Esc.1 Beleque is now historically detailed in nature and offers the Sopwith Camel.

Jasta 11 has Kurt Wolf flying with them, in his plum Albatros D.III

Aces added are Josef Mai, Herman Göring, Fritz von Röth, Kurt Wolff, and Otto Kissenberth.

All American squadron fly the Neiuport 28.

Eduard von Schleich is now correctly represented with historic Jasta assignments

Several new ace schemes were added that were never used before.


Capt. Royce FMII and Zintek DM have helped give Hell's Angels the realism and flying experience that will have you pulling your hair out. If you can keep a pilot alive long enough to earn a Blue Max, then you truly are an Ace. This new FM will require you to fly the aircraft at all stages, no more 'easy, nice and level attitude' when the stick is released. Some crates will almost immediately roll-over into a spin, others will

climb too fast and stall. The damage model has all gas tanks, oil tanks and engine damage correctly represented for maximum combat experience.


*** The ground fire/2-seater machine gunners are extremely aggressive in this patch. I have placed a default Red Baron rb2sim.ini file for download incase the level is too extreme. Be warned... do not fly low over any enemy gun positions, and practice your approaches to

2-seaters... or YOU WILL DIE! ***


Any help or questions, email me, or post a message on the Hell's Angels forum. There is a ton of info to help you in the 'Tips and Tricks' section of the Hell's Angels site, with everything from OpenGl wrapper to Windows memory tips.


All the best,


Otto von Stachel


Go get it gents!! :D Screen shots can be found here: http://www.jamrom.com/hellsangels/Screenshots.htm

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