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  1. WWI simming lives again! Details here: https://il2sturmovik.com/news/408/update-3005-tank-crew-and-flying-circus-early-acce/ Store page here: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/flying-circus/ If you own Rise of Flight and bought a lot of things for it (like me!), that promo code page is here: https://riseofflight.com/store/il2_promo_code/
  2. Just getting into WWI

    I have the first FE installed right now, any place I should go for downloading all of the WWI add-ons?
  3. Battlefield I

    Most of the autos I saw where Lewis mgs, the BAR and the Chauchat. The action also seemed a bit more toned down compared to BF3 or BF4.
  4. Battlefield I

    Howdy gents, any of you guys see the new gameplay trailers for the Battlefield I game coming out? I for one am happy to see this. I'm tired of the modern warfare crap, and look forward to this game exposing a generation of gamers to the grit and bye-gone era of WWI tech and area of operations.
  5. FS-WWI info

    Check my response to your private message. :)
  6. FS-WWI info

    Howdy sir! You can in fact try out FS-WWI totally for free without having to purchase the SDOE CD. Go here: http://www.fsww1.com/ Check out Install Option 3 down the page, do all of that then apply this patch: http://www.fsww1.com/Downloads/FSWW1_PATCH_1.6.0.7_PRE_RELEASE.zip That should get you up and going on Win XP and Win 7 64-bit. If you have any questions let me know, I helped develop a large part of FS-WWI over many years. By today's standards the graphics are dated, but it's still a fun combat sim. :)
  7. This is totally stand-alone. The mouse and keyboard controls are in addition to the regular joystick support.
  8. Posts here: http://ilyamuromets.net/forum/topic/25-early-access-now-open/ http://ilyamuromets.net/ $19.99 seems like a more than fair price!
  9. Love the interior modeling of the D.H.2! Will you also be able to pivot the Lewis mg?
  10. Ah yes a nice bit of Q&A: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/7197-1cgs-announces-ilya-muromets-flight-sim-development/
  11. Saw this on SimHQ: "Dear Pilots, We are proud to announce that the 1CGS development team has recently begun work on Ilya Muromets, a new standalone flight-sim in cooperation with the Russian Military Historical Society. It will cover a little explored part of the WWI air war – the Eastern Front. Ilya Muromets will feature the gigantic and legendary four-engine bomber of the same name which saw action on the Eastern Front in service of the Imperial Russian Air Force. This plane can be considered the genesis of the multi-engine long-range strategic bombers of later conflicts. More info can be found on the Ilya Muromets website and in the discussion forum. ILya Muromets About the Game - About the project - ILya Muromets Forum Ilya Muromets will feature several additional fighter planes and attack planes from Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary. A map covering a portion of the Eastern Front near the Ukrainian frontier will be included. This was an active theatre for the Ilya Muromets during the war where several famous missions took place. Speaking of missions, Ilya Morumets will include a set of challenging single-player mission scenarios along with a quick mission builder and multiplayer capability. Ilya Muromets will be built on the same game engine that powers Rise of Flight: The First Great Air, but will be sold and marketed as an independent product in cooperation with the Russian Military Historical Society who has provided funding to allow the Ilya Muromets to once again take to the skies. Existing ROF customers can experience the Eastern Front by purchasing Ilya Morumets. Expected release will be Q4' 2014. Early Access targeted for August 1st. Sincerely, The 1CGS Team"
  12. Great shots! And fun as heck. :D
  13. I love the paint schemes mate! Keep 'em coming. :D

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