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Mods for LOMAC map?

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I'm wondering if anyone has made any mods for the map display in LOMAC/FC... specifically zoom/position controls.


I've always found it a bit frustrating that there were no keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/out and center display to you. The existing zoom system is really inefficient (click on zoom in/out tool, click on map)... even having the map zoom in/out when you click on the +/- buttons would be better than the 2 step process it currently is. I never understood why they did it that way. Better still, just have a keyboard shortcut for zoom in, zoom out, and center map to player.


It would be nice if you could select whether the sim pauses when you go to the map. I pretty much HAVE to pause it anyway, as I often go to the map, only to find it's displaying a section that I'm nowhere near.... so I have to click on the - key, click on the map repeatedly to zoom out to see where my plane is, deselect the zoom out tool, scroll the map to center my plane, select the zoom in tool, then repeatedly click on the map to zoom in. Crazy stuff... especially when you're damaged, and struggling to keep your plane level and above ground!


A shame there's no small popup version of the map you could view in the cockpit too...





(Slaps head) Well, I just accidentally discovered the mouse wheel zoom in/out.... That's much better! Still, a center map to player feature would be nice (rather than zooming out, finding your plane, then zooming in).


Next question... Wouldn't a pilot have a flight plane with them (that shows waypoints, and their altitudes/speeds, etc)? You get it at the mission briefing, but don't have access to it during the mission itself... or did I miss something again?

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