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Version 1.4 with TCS mod and updated flight model changes. This TCS mod provides a boresighted view only and does not (yet) track selected targets. The Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) has been updated and includes the implementation originally developed by wpnssgt. Flight model updates developed by Aleckx have also been incorporated which more accurately represents the fleet operational F-14D.


This is an update of the earlier F-14D mod to the Mirage Factory F-14A and corrects several inaccuracies. The earlier F-14D release more closely represented the capabilities of the "Quick Strike variant which never actually went further than "view-graph engineering" and would have been a half step to the later Tomcat-21 which also never made it off of the drawing boards. If you like that variation you may wish to rename it as the Quick Strike 2, recognizing that it never actually flew. Land Warrior also has uploaded a Quick Strike version.


This variation of the original F-14A represents the capabilities of the last operational configuration to guard the fleet; the F-14D "Bombcat", which included the capability to drop bombs and laser guided bombs. Other advanced weapons available at the time, such as Mavericks and Harms, were never incorporated into the F-14D due to budget limitations. The F-14D's strike debut was in Operation Desert Fox that went into Iraq against chemical weapons facilities identified by the UN teams in 1998. This aircraft was withdrawn from fleet service in 2006 and replaced by the F-18F in the air to air and medium strike roles.


This release also incorporates the outstanding avionics upgrade done by Sandmartin and Batman1978, special thanks to them for their fine work and for granting permission to include that in this release.


This model is a minor tweak only of the ini files to update the engines, radars and weapons

to enable the full air to ground capabilities that were fielded in this aircraft. This does not include the detailed airframes changes of the later aircraft, that is left to a more capable modelling team at which point this version will be withdrawn. This release assumes you have already loaded the Mirage Factory F-14A, without which things like sounds will not come up.


Just unzip this entire folder into your WOE/Ojects/Aircraft folder.


Note -1. The avionics upgrade by Sandmartin and Batman1978 uses the avionics70 file to provide improved HUD and air to air radar and tracking capabilities. This mod does not have the air to surface radar capability of the earlier avionics60 file used in the earlier versions. Since the F-14D in its later years was primarily employed as a medium strike aircraft (air opposition having evaporated) the lack of an air to surface radar is a limitation of the sim with the newer avionics file. IF you like the option of having air to surface radar, the original files are included in the "Alternate Cockpit" subdirectory with a detailed read-me for how to back-up and install cockpit variations. If you like this option, let me know. Also, this avionics70 mod does NOT work in a Wings Over Vietnam only install. So if you are using a WoV install you will need to use the alternate cockpit using the avionics60 version. The TCS mod works in both versions.


Note; the missile stations are designed to pick up Active Radar Homing missiles and will employ the AIM-7 and AIM-54 series air to air missiles. The model here will also pick up the AIM-120 series in the sim, but the aircraft was never wired or certified to carry that missile. So if you want the realism, don't load that one.


Good hunting!





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