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  1. pure fantasy. Most likely a "what if" history or flight sim mod.
  2. Hurricane Harvey

    No. I don't believe the hype and the phony politicized science that rewrites history and ignores thousands of scientists in their field with other explanations. Warming stopped almost 20 years ago by the way. the climate has been changing for longer than humans have been around. We are not the cause and there is nothing that we can do that will have more than about a half degree difference. Regular climate cycles are much larger. And a hurricane in the Gulf? Imagine that....
  3. Hurricane Harvey

    Erik, with all due respect - that "mother nature's last warning" is nonsense. global average temp has not changed in almost 20 years. 12 years without a cat 3 or higher storm hitting the US has never before occurred since records have been kept. if you want to get off fossil fuels - you can't. The technology isn't there unless you go nuclear (ok by me!). Renewable energy doesn't work unless it's backed by conventional power plants (or lots of very expensive batteries with short life-spans) that's reality cheers
  4. Do you like it?

    Works great! i had to cruise around a bit to get used to the new look and feel but easy to do. and works much better on mobile than the old site.
  5. the Tomcats on the Midway were an emergency weather divert and remained overnight. The problem on Midway was not the catapult, plenty strong enough. The JBD's were not wide enough and would have needed to be replaced to actually operate from the ship. That divert occurred in 1983. When I left CVW-5 the ship was preparing to transition to updated aircraft including the E-2C and F-18A. I'm not sure when Midway transitioned to F-18's but she definitely did and operated F-18's during the Gulf War by 1991. later when I was flying the NEACP (now the NAOC) we tracked the aircraft status and locations of certain ships (don't ask why......) so by 1986 the Coral Sea was absolutely operating F-18's.
  6. Hurricane Harvey

    I've heard from relatives in the area, all safe. over 22" of rain and counting
  7. The only carriers too small to operate the Tomcat were the Midway and Coral Sea. Both operated Hornets in both the fighter and attack roles. The Midway did actually operate a couple of Tomcats once. But that's another story.
  8. WideSky V1.0

  9. F-14 TCS mod


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