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  1. "which by the way had to take at least 5 minutes itself to coordinate through all those agencies" on a scramble that's about 5 seconds......
  2. This is way cool. A cockpit camera catches a demo flight over Oshkosh. Watch the G meter when it is in view. I don't know how he managed the camera but a spectacular view!
  3. I helped set some of this stuff up back in the day. There are a few things they left out.....
  4. sometimes. usually not. but in carrier ops, the airfield has a tendency to move and can avoid the thunderstorms or move through the line and pick up the planes on the other side. Lots of options.
  5. Top Gun Maverick

    the trick being to pick second rate opposition.....
  6. Top Gun Maverick

    a retired old guy working as a contractor maybe.....
  7. In the Navy

    yea.... There actually was a gent named Darling in my preflight class. It was quite entertaining seeing the hard bitten DI's walk around that one!! (they managed....!!)
  8. ThirdWire Site

    everything is up
  9. Speed Trap

    HaHa!! have heard variations of this for years - always hilarious. true story - On a long cross country we were working the HF and managed to hook into a CB channel and chatted with some truckers. One of them asked who we were and we said were a radar tracking plane. His question was whether we could track trucks - and I said yes, and I'm holding you 14 over the speed limit. Turns out that was dead on. He and everyone else on the channel are now True Believers.....
  10. Southwest (WN) #1380

    helluva good job in a tragic situation
  11. Well, two days ago when I set up the download it was the old 1.0 version
  12. I’ll check in a couple of days, thanks!

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