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  1. Suchoi Intercept Rafal refueling over Syria

    that is an astonishingly stupid quote since the areas held by the US Kurdish allies are the ones taken from IS. The US and our Kurdish allies are systematically destroying IS. now the Turks......
  2. Landed on the wrong carrier

    F-14’s on Midway were an emergency divert and they were treated carefully. The CO made it Very Clear that no “tagging” was to be done. We had an E-2 execute a directed, emergency divert due to zero zero weather. They were not treated with such restraint... some of it was pretty artistic. I had the clean up crew leave some of the more entertaining stuff on.
  3. It wasn't a transport. It was an electronic surveillance aircraft and part of the Soviet, er Russian, air contingent in Syria. The aircraft was clearly part of the Soviet, er Russian, air effort against the rebel stronghold and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as the Syrian air defense artillery forces let loose against the Israeli strike against Iranian forces in Syria. The Syrians locked up and fired an SA-5 on roughly the threat bearing and took out the Soviets, er Russians. I was having flashbacks reading this all - IL-20 Coot and SA-5. Old systems. So the Syrians did similar to what one of our own CG's did some years ago in the Persian Gulf, i.e., while under attack locked up and fired on an aircraft on the threat bearing. Oops..... Given that in this case the Russians were engaged against our common enemies (ISIS, Al Queda, Nusra front, etc.) we were on the same side, sorta. being taken out by your own really sucks. I salute some brave airmen taken out in the course of their duty.
  4. Midway remake to start filming in September

    They can only screw this one up
  5. Iran unveils new Kowsar Fighter

    what it looks like is they put a new coat of paint on an old airframe and some off the shelf avionics from some standard company outlets. whoopee...... They did the same thing with some old Soviet subs a few years back. Repainted them green and called them 'new". they are the laughing stock of the world - but for internal consumption to a domestic population that has nothing but censored Fake News from Iranian propaganda outlets - its GREAT! (and anyone who says doubts about it will have their lips sewn shut)
  6. "which by the way had to take at least 5 minutes itself to coordinate through all those agencies" on a scramble that's about 5 seconds......
  7. F-16 Demo flight cockpit view

    And a Gripen
  8. This is way cool. A cockpit camera catches a demo flight over Oshkosh. Watch the G meter when it is in view. I don't know how he managed the camera but a spectacular view!
  9. I helped set some of this stuff up back in the day. There are a few things they left out.....
  10. sometimes. usually not. but in carrier ops, the airfield has a tendency to move and can avoid the thunderstorms or move through the line and pick up the planes on the other side. Lots of options.
  11. Top Gun Maverick

    the trick being to pick second rate opposition.....
  12. Top Gun Maverick

    a retired old guy working as a contractor maybe.....
  13. In the Navy

    yea.... There actually was a gent named Darling in my preflight class. It was quite entertaining seeing the hard bitten DI's walk around that one!! (they managed....!!)
  14. ThirdWire Site

    everything is up

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