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  1. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    I imagine he's going to get an interesting callsign after this....
  2. Tu-160M2

    nice new targets..... seriously though, not unexpected. We've known for several years the Soviets, er, Russians were working on this. A significant accomplishment to relocate their production and spin up the program with all new avionics and weapons.
  3. A Must Read: Netflix drops bomb.

    maybe, maybe not....
  4. Wait. Thirdwire made a space game?

    was thinking about it. does it work with a standard joystick or do you need an xbox controller?
  5. A Must Read: Netflix drops bomb.

    fast.com was the slowest on my computer, the other two returned speeds about twice as fast. all slower than my contracted speed, which is not unusual at this time of night. the evil conspiracy doesn't seem to be happening.....
  6. Cold War Movies

    One of my favorite movies of that era. With lots of cool shots of my old workstation!
  7. P-51 Instructor Gets Surprised

    heh pretty funny!!
  8. NORTON users

    my computers got trashed on a regular basis several years back. I switched to Norton and has been smooth sailing ever since. remember which anti-virus program has links back to Russia. The REAL Russian connection..... but nothing is ever completely secure. It does take vigilance and frequent checking. I check my stuff every time I bring the system up and its the first thing I do. of course, OPM, IRS and Equifax have all handed all my stuff and security background files out there.
  9. Growler Ball 2017

    Cool video!!
  10. pure fantasy. Most likely a "what if" history or flight sim mod.
  11. Hurricane Harvey

    No. I don't believe the hype and the phony politicized science that rewrites history and ignores thousands of scientists in their field with other explanations. Warming stopped almost 20 years ago by the way. the climate has been changing for longer than humans have been around. We are not the cause and there is nothing that we can do that will have more than about a half degree difference. Regular climate cycles are much larger. And a hurricane in the Gulf? Imagine that....
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    Erik, with all due respect - that "mother nature's last warning" is nonsense. global average temp has not changed in almost 20 years. 12 years without a cat 3 or higher storm hitting the US has never before occurred since records have been kept. if you want to get off fossil fuels - you can't. The technology isn't there unless you go nuclear (ok by me!). Renewable energy doesn't work unless it's backed by conventional power plants (or lots of very expensive batteries with short life-spans) that's reality cheers
  13. Do you like it?

    Works great! i had to cruise around a bit to get used to the new look and feel but easy to do. and works much better on mobile than the old site.

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