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  1. Southwest (WN) #1380

    helluva good job in a tragic situation
  2. Well, two days ago when I set up the download it was the old 1.0 version
  3. I’ll check in a couple of days, thanks!
  4. can't seem to download it. the regular menu loads up version 1.0. If I try to get the 1.1 it tells me that I'm not authorized.
  5. Share your thoughts about "USN Sky Penis."

    I imagine he's going to get an interesting callsign after this....
  6. Tu-160M2

    nice new targets..... seriously though, not unexpected. We've known for several years the Soviets, er, Russians were working on this. A significant accomplishment to relocate their production and spin up the program with all new avionics and weapons.
  7. A Must Read: Netflix drops bomb.

    maybe, maybe not....
  8. Wait. Thirdwire made a space game?

    was thinking about it. does it work with a standard joystick or do you need an xbox controller?
  9. A Must Read: Netflix drops bomb.

    fast.com was the slowest on my computer, the other two returned speeds about twice as fast. all slower than my contracted speed, which is not unusual at this time of night. the evil conspiracy doesn't seem to be happening.....
  10. Cold War Movies

    One of my favorite movies of that era. With lots of cool shots of my old workstation!
  11. P-51 Instructor Gets Surprised

    heh pretty funny!!

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