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Fictional F-106AI 'Chanit' skin V1.1

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Fictional F-106AI 'Chanit' skin V1.1

This is a fictional Israeli skin for Pasko's F-106A Delta Dart. As such, it can be called a "generic" skin, as it does not represent any squadron, group, or wing.


As this is my first ever skin, there are bound to be problems. If you feel the need to remind me of this, drop me a line. You can find my email in the readme only, as it's generally a bad idea to post your email on the internet for all the bots to see.



V1.1 UPDATE 13 JULY 2008

-Smoothed curves/patterns on the textures (you probably won't notice much difference)

-New patch graphic

-Updated readme


This is still a work in progress. I plan to weather the skin and skin the drop tanks when my proficiency allows for it, which should be in 2050.



Go fly, and may the Force be with you.





Pasko, for his beautiful F-106A Delta Dart

Column5, I used his 94th Aero Squadron skin as a base.

The Mirage Factory, I used their IAI Kfir C7 as inspiration for the pattern on the wing (and for the camo colors).

Allenjb42, he came up with the name 'Chanit'

TK: SF series, of course!


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