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    Absolutely excellent sound modulation. This mod takes the original Hawkeye, who sounds like my local college radio station, and turns him into a plausible radio operator. It's a shocking turnaround because honestly the original Hawkeye is pretty bad. Every time I play SF2NA I'm surprised the stock version of Hawkeye doesn't say: "Uhh... <dead air> hang on... <dead air> o-okay coming up next we got Bachman Turner Overdrive, uh, stay tuned for that, umm, also the uh... parking lot in front of Campus C... will be closed. For re-striping. <paper shuffling> Starting Thursday. Uhhhhh Go Wildcats"
  1. Pilot Legs Developer Pack

  2. XFV-12_DATA.INI

  3. FA-24 Macross


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