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Sabre small pack.rar

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Sabre small pack.rar

Until Pasko release something new - here you are 2 mods "gap fillers" - there are quite some time on my HDD(amoungst many other - "sub mods" :yes:


First Aircraft

This aircraft depicts an F-86F-1 Sabre of the ROCAF.All planes are later upgraded to F-86F-40 standard with 6-3 (F-40)wings and AIM-9 rails, many air to air victories are made by ROCAF pilots in 1958

over PLAAF.


The Republic of China Air Force of Taiwan was one of the first recipients of surplus USAF Sabres. From December 1954 to June 1956, the ROC Air Force received 160 ex-USAF F-86F-1-NA through F-86F-30-NA fighters. By June 1958, the Nationalist Chinese had built up an impressive fighter force, with 320 F-86Fs and seven RF-86Fs having been delivered.


Sabres and MiGs were shortly to battle each other in the skies of Asia once again in the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis. In August 1958, the Chinese Communists of the People's Republic of China attempted to force the Nationalists off of the islands of Quemoy and Matsu by shelling and blockade. Nationalist F-86Fs flying CAP over the islands found themselves confronted by Communist MiG-15s and MiG-17s, and there were numerous dogfights.


During these battles, the Nationalist Sabres introduced a new element into aerial warfare — under a secret effort designated Operation Black Magic, the US Navy had provided the ROC with the AIM-9 Sidewinder, its first infrared-homing air-to-air missile, which was just entering service with the United States. A small team from VMF-323, a Marine FJ-4 Fury squadron with later assistance from China Lake and North American initially modified 20 of the F-86 Sabres to carry a pair of Sidewinders on underwing launch rails and instructed the ROC pilots in their use flying profiles with USAF F-100s simulating the MiG-17. The MiGs enjoyed an altitude advantage over the Sabres as they had in Korea and Communist Chinese MiGs routinely cruised over the Nationalist Sabres, only engaging when they had a favorable position. The Sidewinder took away that advantage and proved to be devastatingly effective against the MiGs.


The combat introduction of the Sidewinder took place in a battle on 24 September 1958 when ROC Sabres succeeded in destroying ten MiGs and scoring two probables without loss to themselves. In one month of air battles over Quemoy and Matsu, Nationalist pilots tallied a score of no less than 29 MiGs destroyed and eight probables, against a loss of two F-84Gs and no Sabres.



P.S. General Electric J47-GE-27/B (standard 27.10kN) installed in Taiwan kites is even stronger a bit (for short periods of time- 5mins or so- at 5468Rpm it can provide over 30KN of thrust on high attitude - I modelled that in Sabre FM)





Simply unzip the .rar file to into your Strike Fighters/Objects/Aircraft folder.




Second Aircraft:

This aircraft depicts an F-86F-30-NA Attack Sabre of the USAF.Korean veteran and proof that Sabre can perform quite well as fighter/bomber.





Simply unzip the .rar file to into your Strike Fighters/Objects/Aircraft folder.


Many thanks to Zur, USAFMTL, Crab and Heck Mitchell,Pappy and special thanx (for friendship) goes to MoonJumper and Pasko

If I missed anyone...apologies in advance.






Ver. 1.1 Ravenclaw_007 made excellent CL-13B Sabre, I used silver skin with Kukulo's help to adopt it for Taiwanese F-86F-1,


thx goes to both of you guys - I scaled it down to 1024 as good compromise


Ver. 1.12 F-86F-1 ROLL control improved, some small skin improvements - mod is SFP1 compatible (2006 patch)


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And yes....this mod is still SFP1 2006 patch related...so far :yes:


BTW try this for all silver planes with high detailed stuff on it





Name=3rd Tac Fighter Squadron







BTW2 F-86F-1 (together with F-100A Taiwan) is my weapon of choice against pesky MiG-15/17 :yes:

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