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  1. F-16XL for SF2 – F-16E Blk 62 Fighting Falcon

    I can not download version 2.0, it offers only older file.
  2. BF109F-4.7z

    I made that cabin for 109, but never mind, the mod is great.
  3. BF109F-4.7z

    Good Job!!! Cockpit was made by me actually. Cheers, and keep up with excellent work.
  4. Any chance for Royal Romanian Air Force skin?
  5. Well....a kind of "MiG"... Aggressor A-4N ATSI
  6. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    Su-7U & Su-15UT Soviet Training Day
  7. If you can, pls make "low" version of lods too--- for new weapons onwards. BTW keep up with excellent job.
  8. Indeed. Weapons are excellent, but very demanding, myself with medium rig have trouble to run multiple bombs on racks(Ryzen 5 1600AF, 16Gb 2666 DDR4 ram, Radeon RX570 8GB )
  9. Sukhois

    No worries....it will be released 2030 :)
  10. XB-42? Also, XB-43 will be nice too :)
  11. F-5a

    What about USAF A and C? And Taiwan kites?
  12. This as two seater can be AI Su-19UM (T-58PS), proposed and never built version of Su-15, Russian answer to early F-15A Su-21 was initialy name for Su-17M4 Good work, cheers
  13. Any chance for Mirage 2000 redux too ?

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