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Gamers Corner Podcast #4

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To all GC listeners, we have just uploaded our new Frontlines: Fuel of War special to our site at http://gamerscnr.blogspot.com. At the beginning we do touch briefly on the MLG and Shadowrun discussion, the latest Bungie update, and the new videos of the R6V2 MLG Map.


Our guest, Doorstop, has been involved in beta testing from the earliest stages of the game on the PC and gives a lot of great in-depth information that us hardcore and competitive gamers have been dying to hear about.


To listen to the episode, you can either download it as an MP3 file or stream it directly from our new hosting source at http://gamerscorner.mypodcast.com.





We hope you enjoy! Feel free to post feedback on this thread or the primary Gamer’s Corner thread.


Show outline:


0:00 - 2:50

- Intros and a new take on Shadowrun and MLG.


2:50 - 4:57

- Bungie Update and Vegas 2 MLG Map Video Overview.


4:57 - 51:02 (END)

- Comparing Frontlines to Battlfield 2.

- A short background of DICE, KAOS, and Battlefield.

- Explaining the Frontlines game mode.

- Doorstop explains the "Oil Fields" map and how the game mode applies to it.

- Vapor explains "Squads"; what they are and how they impact gameplay.

- Eshelon explains the experience of playing Frontlines to players unfamiliar with Battlfield 2.

- Comparing Battlefield: Modern Combat to Frontlines.

- Doorstop explains the vehicles in Frontlines and how they are balanced for play.

- Methods for taking down a Helicopter, making it balanced.

- Explanation of "load-outs" and "roles".

- Specifics on the recon drone detailed.

- NOTE: CP = Control Point. It’s referring to a point on the map that you want to capture and control.

- Switching roles mid-game.

- Doorstop explains "tickets"/"reinforcements", "bleeding", and how victory is determined.

- An overview of the strategies to prepare for in Frontlines.

- Vapor gets slammed for losing his train of thought. Sorry Vapor, it was too priceless to edit out :-).

- Voicecoms and how they will work in Frontlines.

- Eshelon gets Vapor psyched up about a new demo on the marketplace only to let him down.

- How to play smart with your roles.

- Doorstop gives a further explanation on the EMP role and how that role upgrades over the course of a game.

- Eshelon explains how the single-player demo is a POOR representation of the final product.

- Some further details on the demo itself (map and server details) and it’s length of availability.

- Eshelon explains "dedicated servers" and how host-advantage is no longer an issue.

- Vapor details the additional content that KAOS is working on even prior to the game’s release.

- Doorstop adds some final thoughts on how the game will be amazing.

- Vapor and Esh close out.



Thanks all!

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