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  1. United Council of Fleets announces new website for discussing fleet issues and game play The United Council of Fleets (UCF) would like to present our new website, www.trek-online.com, to the Star Trek Online (STO) community. This website will feature discussion about game play concerns and issues that affect fleets in particular. We will then take constructive feedback and viable ideas for improving the game back to Cryptic studios. Our goal is to provide an additional avenue of input for STO fleets and gamers. The UCF formed from a group of fleet members and gaming podcasters who were interested in providing concrete suggestions to Cryptic about fleet-based issues in game. We will use the website to coordinate collection of data and opinions. This information will be relayed back to Cryptic with the goal of providing meaningful input to them on fleet play. We encourage more fleets to join in our efforts. The UCF is made up of a dedicated volunteer staff from the Star Trek and STO community who will be helping to work with fleets who join our council. We will be gathering information and feedback on gaming issues from our member fleets and individuals. We will then send that information to Cryptic in an effort to help improve the game for everyone. In order to do this, member fleet representatives at UCF will take information back to their home fleets for discussion, and then share their findings on the UCF site. The UCF will compile the information and data and provide Cryptic with the results. This will allow Cryptic to have a better understanding of issues that affect fleets in particular. If you are interested in joining as an individual, please register on the forums. Feel free to post in our forums. We welcome comments and opinions from all players, regardless of membership status within a fleet. Fleet leaders are welcome to submit their fleets for fleet membership. To do this, the fleet leader or representative must register first. Then, click "Join UCF" at the top of the home page. Follow the links listed in order to sign up your fleet. Thank you for your interest in the UCF. Together, we hope to help Cryptic and make a difference in the game for every player and fleet. If you have any questions, please contact Nova (UCF profile: lrdnova), Crystal Dayra, or Fyasko.
  2. United Council of Fleets

    Greetings all United Council of Fleets, We have released 3 more Surveys, we encourage you to have your fleet members answer the Survey so we can proceed with our plans to sending relevant, constructive information regarding and surrounding the Fleet Bases, Neutral Faction and a Clandestine Organization such as Section 31, Tal’Shiar. Anyone registered or not can take the surveys. Fleet Bases http://trek-online.com/index.php?opt...=60&Itemid=197 Clandestine Organization http://trek-online.com/index.php?opt...=62&Itemid=198 Neutral Faction http://trek-online.com/index.php?opt...=61&Itemid=199 Cheers, United Council of Fleets Staff
  3. STO: Fleet Proposals

    In coordination between Lotus Fleet and Risen Phoenix Fleet and after receiving private support from other Fleets regarding this matter. Lotus Fleet and Risen Phoenix present this proposal in the hope that other Fleets will choose to endorse this means of communication and distribution of information to Cryptic and from Cryptic to their member base. As a result and some quick math: If we can get at minimum 100 Fleets/STO Related Websites to endorse this and in game a max number of 250 Fleet/STO Related Websites members are present then the potential player base that will be reached is 25,000 STO players that not only take part in discussion on their own Fleets main form of communication but play regularly with the same individuals and as a result can collaborate quickly on all aspects of the game. As a result of these numbers I can speak on behalf of Lotus Fleet that we have a very large number of Non-STO playing members that we can also reach equally that have the potential to play STO should they begin to see It is our feeling that this form of communication will help (not compete with) the many other forms of Player to Developer/Developer to Player communication that is also representative of the players concerns and in game interests. As such support in this endeavor will be appreciated and until a Fleet/STO Related Websites Council is voted upon (read info below) by the community Lotus Fleet and Risen Phoenix will manage the flow of information temporarily until such time we can be replaced. Please note that all Fleets are welcome to distribute this proposal to other Fan/Fleet sites in an effort to spread word and support over this endeavor. Proposal is as follows: To: All Star Trek Online Fleets/Houses CC: Other Star Trek Gaming Sites interested in taking part in this endeavor Subject: Proposal for a United Council of Fleets What Is the United Council of Fleets? The United Council of Fleets (referred to hereafter as UCF) is where Star Trek and Star Trek Online Gaming Clans and Websites will join together in cooperation in the world of Star Trek Online, with this in mind the UCF will endeavor to engage and inform the STO player base as well as the non-player base regarding questions and information specific to the development and long term success of Cryptic Studios/Atari’s Star Trek Online. Note: This is a Proposal to all Fleets within The Star Trek Online Community/Star Trek Gaming and will act as pre-curser to follow on discussions in a effort to form a United Council of Fleets and houses. Please note that this proposal is NOT intended for role-playing efforts, as a result equal representation will be conducted regardless of in game faction. Key Points · Star Trek Clans and Guilds will form an entity made up of many smaller guilds · Member Guilds/Fleets will need to meet the minimum criteria of the UCF in order to be accepted as a member · Inter-Fleet/Faction conflicts between Fleets will not be entertained, all Fleets will be represented equally regardless of reputation or existing conflicts with other community guilds. Goals As a means to an end the UCF will function only to bring player based feedback about STO and its associated content as well as website features and development to the eyes of Star Trek On lines Developing Team (Cryptic Studio’s). The UCF will work to distribute via the individual Fleets avenues of communication relevant content and feed back in the form of (but not limited to) surveys, questionnaires, open ended forum discussions, recorded meetings and other vital information that is representative of the player bases opinions. To be crystal clear this body is representative of the Fleet and Clans that play STO and all Fleets and clans that meet the requirements listed are free to join. Requirements At least three charter guilds to sign up to the Council and assist in the creation of the Council. Followed by this, the Charter guilds will ensure the continued communication and distribution of information to the rest of the UCF as well as work to manage and organize all information coming from Member Fleets/Houses to Cryptic/Atari. the 3 Charter guilds will be selected by nomination of the existing Star Trek Online Community. Follow-on member guilds/fleets must meet all of the following criteria for consideration into the UCF. · Fleet must have some type of communication medium in order to facilitate mass communication needs to the Fleet (I.E: Team speak/ Ventrillo/ Alternative VOIP, Email, Chat room.) · Fleet must have a Website/Forum that represents its individual organization. · A minimum of 5 members is required, no Player Character Alts. How to Register Your Clan or Websites Interest Please contact me at the following: Acidrain@outpostgamez.com Charter Member Nominations will be taken from the initial 100 Fleets that respond to this thread in support of this proposal and meet the minimum requirements for membership to the UCF. Fleets wishing to participate: The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet Lotus Fleet Risen Phoexin Fleet 3rd Fleet startrekxtreme The Shadows The Exile Alliance Tenarus TaskForce Australia New Zealand Allied Command (ANZAC) United Federation of Planets [uFP] The 12th Fleet
  4. Outpostgamez had the opportunity to ask questions from the community and for the community to that of Cryptic. We ask questions such as Fleet/Clan/Guild, to that of Ground even to the big question of what others have wanted to know about, Interiors and more………. Read on........... http://outpostgamez.com/news/1118/star-trek-online-interview/
  5. If you've been keeping up with twitter lately you might know that Battlefield Producer Gordon Van Dyke has left DICE for Visceral Games (also an EA studio, located in Redwood City, CA). Visceral Games created games such as The Godfather, Dead Space, and Dante's Inferno. Blast Magazine has a recap of the tweets. Read on.......... http://outpostgamez.com/news/1119/gordon-van-dyke-leaves-dice-for-visceral/
  6. On the Gamer’s Lounge Podcast this week: Review of STO Season One, “Common Ground”. Debate Ideas and additions for future STO Updates. Look at the resurgence of the Web Browser Based Game Genre. And we discuss Subscriptions vs. Micro Transactions. Cast: Fyasko, Acidrain, Zephany Blackstar, Bull Halsey, Gamemaster and Xavier MacGuiness. Podcast 3.4 Link http://gamersloungepodcast.outpostgamez.com/?p=92
  7. ***Warning*** Profanity Laden Tirades Ahead!! Are we witnessing the Death Throes of the CoD/MW series of games? Is Activision justified? Are West/Zampella justified? Did Activision screw themselves? What about the rest of the folks left at Infinity Ward? What about you, The Gamer? This is an discussion in regards to the concerns of the future of the COD series, to that of Blizzard Titles and if Activision has simply put the final nail in the coffin of the COD series. Listen Here
  8. Conflict Tournament's B-Tournament for Bad Company 2 has just announced the start of sign ups. Conflict Tournaments ran the Conflict 2142 tournament in Battlefield 2142 for three years with the Conflict 2142 mod and is now moving into Bad Company territory. The Bad Company 2 Tournament features organized team play every Saturday. The tournament has its own rank structure as well as awards for various achievements off and on the Battlefield. Players work with other people on a consistent basis in companies and collectively as an army each week as they prepare for the battle on Saturday. If you want to play with the best and have organized, fun, team play, then check Conflict Tournaments out at our website for more information. Pick up your gun and sign up today for Conflict Tournament's first campaign with Bad Company 2! Check it out HERE
  9. Activision vs. IW Situation is the Death Knell of COD Series? It may very well spell the Death Knell for Infinity Ward and the Call Of Duty/Modern Warfare Franchise. Here is why I say this: Based on the information from Kotuku’s article on the MW2 v. Activision Lawsuit, Activision is withholding the bonuses and royalties from the sales of MW2 from the very contracted employees that made the game: The IW employees. This is a corporate retribution ploy. It works in 2 ways: Opinion Piece One The Call of Duty Franchise Final Nail in the Coffin? Due to the situation in which Activision has created, the Franchise which created and made over 3 billion in sales off the Modern Warfare 2 title will now become one of the past. Why you ask, well it is simple; Activision and its executives became too greedy as any organization does. This isn’t the first time that Activision has taken a large Franchise down due to its greedy nature. Opinion Piece Two
  10. BC2: Conflict Tourny Coming

    We at Conflict – Tournaments want to invite you to join our Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tournament. Conflict Tournaments is a community that runs tournaments with organized team play. Conflict Tournaments formerly ran under the name of Conflict 2142 for three years with Battlefield 2142. In the Conflict Bad Company 2 Tournament there will be two armies that will fight against each other each Saturday from 19:00 GMT until 1:00 GMT across two servers. Soldiers are then assigned to companies (squads) which they stay with for the duration of the campaign and work together as a team. Both armies practice during the week to gear up for each battle day. Each campaign runs for nine weeks. The Tournament features highly-organized armies with a tournament rank structure so that as you play you progress through the ranks. Awards are given throughout battle days and shown off in your own award showcase. In addition to the army battle, we are planning a Squad Ladder system that will run alongside the main campaign. In the Squad Ladder, Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush will be played and squads will be pitted against each other. At the end of each army campaign the top three squads are awarded medals. If you want to get the most out of Bad Company 2 and play with a highly-organized, teamplay-oriented tournament with ranks and awards, check out our website! www.conflict-tournaments.com Pick up your gun and join the Conflict today! You’re Conflict Tournament Staff www.conflict-tournaments.com
  11. OPG: Beta Review of Bad Company 2

    It is simply ridiculous, no prone like snipers in real life arent in an prone position and this idea that it would be to hard to change or add is simple laziness of the devs.
  12. Today, we have an release of the BF Bad Company 2 Admin Tools for the purpose of controlling your Servers. Link to Story | Link to Download Cheers, Acidrain
  13. We are the Risen Phoenix Clan – Battlefield Division We are currently actively recruiting for players who wish to be a part of our Battlefield Bad Company 2 Division. We left the Battlefield seen some time ago, however we are actively seeking dedicated players, and we will have our own server. We will be participating in multiple tournaments and other events that are put on through other websites within the Battlefield Community. If squad play, team work and fun are what you are looking for then you’ve come to the right place. Our mission statement for those that are interested is as followed: 1. To engage in fair and impartial combat in all available arenas 2. Treat all competitors w/ respect and fair play 3. We accept and are multi gender clan (Men, Women - Zero Tolerance on Harassment) 4. We are an PC Only Clan Requirements 5. Minimum Age | 18+ Older 6. Voice | Voip | TeamSpeak 3 | 7. $1 Donation for Server Cost (Not Required – but helpful) Instructions on Join us: Register on the website | you will be approved, within 6-12hrs |Once Approved you will be asked to fill out an application | Your Application will be evaluated by other RPHX BC2 Division Leaders | Then you will receive an formal or denial letter. Contact: Brig General Frag | Marine Force Gen Jaketh Join The Risen Phoenix Clan Today http://www.therisenphoenixfleet.com/
  14. The Outpostgamez / Gamers Lounge Podcast Staff site down and discuss many different aspects of what to expect when it comes to Battlefield Bad Company 2, the Environment, Soldiers, Kits and does this title live up the name and Franchise? We also talk about some things that might be a little controversial, we don't shy away from such radical ideas. If you are interested in being on the show, or wish to send us an comment leave it on the website, or email us through our website. Cast: Fyasko, Acidrain, Frag and Jaketh. Special Guest: The Green Slime, OPG Staff. Listen here: http://gamersloungepodcast.outpostgamez.com/?p=77

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