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I was up on HiCap yesterday in a Ra'am and we jumped these Sea Flankers and what turned out was the most exhilarating fight I've ever had. Having downed two with long range shots(AIM-120's) this one fella got onto my six and stayed there like a hound on blood. I took him through the paces; low level Mach 1.2 and then storm climbed all the way up to 50,000 feet.Usually they disengage, but this guy was quite the adversary.Anyway with the speed bleeding off I decided to making him overshoot. It was just him and me so I took the chance of being shot at by his buddies but my guys were keeping them busy, so it was like I said just him and me. So I pumped on the brakes and throttled back, ruddering by the skin of my teeth out of his sights while he filled the air with the green stuff. It was a classic scissors. We turned, pulled, he overshot just like I wanted him too and then my tweaking around with the data ini got me right between the legs. The guy turns on a dime, and he's back on my tail. So I do my routine again, speed brake, rudder and... we join together in a fiery collision.

This engagement reminds me of the one in the book Firebreak by Richard Herman. It even got my girls attention who is avowed anti-aircraft.

Thumbs up CA_Stary for the pyrotechnics;FastCargo for the cosmetic treatment that made the Sue just a little more beautiful.

And the Ra'am rocks. But thats obvious.

Kudos to everybody who has worked to making this sim the best I've played.

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